Greater Rochester Area Bicycling Map 2014 Edition Now Available


Select a map tile (A-H) to view in Portable Document Format (*.pdf).

To download each side of the map as a single (large) *.pdf file, see the links at the bottom of this page.

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For Bike Map Side with Legend and Insets (A-D), click here.
For Bike Map Side with Share the Road Information (E-H), click here.

Note: These files can be saved by opening in a web browser and using the "File, Save As..." menu and/or by right-clicking the appropriate link and then selecting the "Save Target As..." option on the pop-up menu. When the map files are open in a *.pdf viewer such as Adobe Reader, checking the "Current View" radio-button as the print range will allow the desired portion of the map to be printed at various scales. These instructions may need to be modified depending on your *.pdf reader software and/or operating system.





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