GTC Planning Committee - Agenda

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Genesee Transportation Council

Planning Committee Meeting

August 21, 2003

10 a.m.

Wayne County Courthouse

26 Church Street, Lyons


1.                  Call to Order (10:00 a.m.)

2.                  Public Forum

3.                  Approval of Minutes: July 17, 2003 Planning Committee

4.                  Reports and Action on Old Business

a.       Reports on UPWP Projects and Other Activities

b.      Any Other Old Business or Announcements

5.                  Planning Committee Action Items

a.       Recommendation to GTC Board concerning Accepting the report, New York State Metropolitan Planning Organizations Long-Term Funding Needs Study, as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 9251 / Proposed Council Resolution 03-23 (GTC Staff)

b.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning Authorizing request to NYSDOT to take the accounting actions necessary to enable reimbursement of GTCs Host Agency for its working capital contribution to UPWP Task 6700 / Proposed Planning Committee Resolution 03-3 (GTC Staff)

c.       Approval of Proposed Change in Scope to UPWP Task 8270 Security and Safety Plan for Public Transportation (RGRTA)

6.                  Planning Committee Information Items

a.       Upcoming UPWP strategy and priorities Planning Committee direction required

b.      GTC Public Participation Policy Update Planning Committee direction required

c.       Volunteer hosts for Planning Committee meetings in 2004

7.                  New Business

8.                  Next Meeting

9.                  Adjournment