GTC Planning Committee Meeting Materials

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GTC Planning Committee Meeting Materials

May 8, 2014

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Meeting Location Map

Draft April 10, 2014 GTC Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

● Action Items (refer to the agenda for page numbers of specific resolutions)

a. Action concerning consideration of UPWP Project Scopes of Work

1. Task 6527 Hojack Trail Feasibility Study (Town of Greece)

2. Task 6809 Rochester East Main Arts & Market District Plan (City of Rochester)

3. Task 7800 Village of Scottsville Zoning Code Update (Village of Scottsville)

4. Task 8620 Ontario County Freight Corridor Development Plan: Area 1 Town of
(Ontario County)

5. Task 8710 Regional Walkability Improvement Program (GTC staff)

6. Task 8762 Village of Brockport Active Transportation Plan (Village of Brockport)

7. Task 8763 Town of Henrietta Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Plan (Town of Henrietta)

8. Task 8764 Pittsford Active Transportation Plan (Town of Pittsford)

9. Task 8781 Rochester Area Vanpool Feasibility Study (RGRTA)

b. Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning amending the FY 2014-2015 UPWP to reflect the contribution of actual FY 2013-2014 rollover amounts and add new projects / Proposed Council Resolution 14-32 (GTC staff)

c. Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning accepting the Genesee-Finger Lakes Regional Atlas as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 5820 / Proposed Council Resolution 14-33 (G/FLRPC)

d. Action and recommendation to the GTC Board concerning modifying and amending the 2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Program / Proposed Planning Committee Resolutions 14-9 and 14-10 and Proposed Council Resolutions 14-34 through 14-63

Posted: April 30, 2014