GTC Planning Committee - Agenda

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Genesee Transportation Council

Planning Committee Meeting

July 20, 2006

10:00 a.m.

Wayne County Courthouse

26 Church Street, Lyons


1.                  Call to Order and Introductions

2.                  Public Forum

3.                  Approval of Minutes: May 18, 2006 Planning Committee

4.                  Reports and Action on Old Business

a.      Reports on UPWP Projects and Other Activities

b.     Any Other Old Business or Announcements

5.                  Action Items

a.      Consideration of the DRAFT Transportation Conformity Determination for the 2005-2010 Transportation Improvement Program for a 30-Day Public Review

b.     Recommendations to the GTC Board concerning accepting Final Project Reports as evidence of completion of various UPWP Tasks

1.      Accepting the report, 2005 Land Use Report for Monroe County, as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 4210 / Proposed Council Resolution 06-54 (Monroe County)

2.      Accepting the report, 2005 Regional Land Use Monitoring Report, as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 4220 / Proposed Council Resolution 06-55 (Monroe County)

3.      Accepting the report, Route 14A Corridor Study, as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 7530 / Proposed Council Resolution 06-56 (Monroe County)

c.      Approval of UPWP Project Scopes of Work

1.      Task 4730 Market Research for Regional Transit Service (RGRTA)

2.      Task 5291 LRTP Non-Air Environmental Scan (G/FLRPC)

3.      Task 6230 Monroe County Overhead Traffic Sign Visibility Upgrade
(Monroe County Department of Transportation)

4.      Task 6351 Center City Parking Development & Management
(City of Rochester)

6.                  Information Items

a.      Update on 2007-2012 TIP Development Process

7.                  Public Forum

8.                  New Business

9.                  Next Meeting: August 17, 2006 Ebenezer Watts Conference Center (Rochester)

10.              Adjournment