Genesee Transportation Council

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Genesee Transportation Council

Planning Committee Meeting

January 12, 2006

10:00 a.m.

Livingston County Government Center

6 Court Street, Geneseo


1.                  Call to Order and Introductions

2.                  Public Forum

3.                  Approval of Minutes: November 17, 2005 Planning Committee

4.                  Reports and Action on Old Business

a.      Reports on UPWP Projects and Other Activities

b.      Any Other Old Business or Announcements

5.                  Action Items

a.      Approval of the Draft FY 2006-07 Unified Planning Work Program Public Review Document (GTC Staff)

b.      Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning accepting the report, Horizontal Alignment Safety Study, as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 6200 / Proposed Council Resolution 06-1 (Livingston County)

c.      Approval of UPWP Project Scopes of Work

1.      Task 4380 Accident Rate Database Project (Monroe County)

2.      Task 6620 Safe Passing Zone Survey (Monroe County)

3.      Task 7120 Travel Time Data Collection Assessment (GTC staff)

4.      Task 5500 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region (GTC staff)

6.                  Information Items

a.      Route Analysis and Evaluation Initiative Presentation (RGRTA)

b.      2006 Meeting Calendar

7.                  New Business

8.                  Next Meeting: February 16, 2006 Ontario County Municipal Building

9.                  Adjournment