GTC Planning Committee - Minutes

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Livingston County Government Center

Geneseo, New York

January 12, 2006



James Brady, Wayne County

James Fletcher, Monroe County At Large

Paul Johnson, Monroe County Planning Board

Fred Humphrey, Wyoming County

Terrence J. Rice, Monroe County

George Stam, City of Rochester

Chris Wilson, Yates County

David Woods, Livingston County

David Zorn, Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council


Richard Beers, FHWA, representing Robert Griffith

David Cook, RGRTA, representing Mark Aesch

Angela Ellis, Ontario County, representing Kristen Mark Hughes

Robert Slaver, NYSDOT Region 4, representing Joan Dupont

David Thielman, NYS Thruway Authority, representing Richard Garrabrant


Jeffrey Adair, Monroe County

Philip Brito, FAA

Glenn Cooke, Seneca County

Timothy Hens, Genesee County

Scott Leathersich, Monroe County At Large

Tracy Logel, Monroe County Supervisors Association

Edward Muszynski, Empire State Development Corporation

Kenneth Rush, Orleans County

William Sullivan, Rochester City Council

(Vacant), FTA

(Vacant), NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

(Vacant), City of Rochester At Large

(Vacant), Rochester City Planning Commission


James Clements, NYSDOT Region 6

Deborah Elliott, GTC Staff

Erik Frisch, GTC Staff

Ryan Gallivan, RTS

Don Higgins, Livingston County

Richard Perrin, GTC Staff

Robert Scholl, NYSDOT Region 4

James Stack, GTC Staff

John Thomas, City of Rochester

Robert Torzynski, GTC Staff

Robert Traver, NYSDOT Region 4


1. Call to Order & Introductions

David Woods, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m. Members, Alternates, and others present introduced themselves.

2. Public Forum

No one from the public spoke during the Public Forum.

3. Approval of Minutes

James Fletcher moved for approval of the minutes from the November 17, 2005 Planning Committee meeting; David Thielman seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as submitted.

4. Reports and Action on Old Business

a. Reports on UPWP Projects and Other Activities


Richard Perrin reported:

         GTC staff have begun meeting on mission critical elements of the GTC Strategic Plan including customer identification, vision, values, critical issues, strategies, and performance measures. Meetings on the individual elements are scheduled through early March. Second interviews were conducted with the two candidates for the open planner position and an offer is expected to be made next week

         No progress to report on the Rural County Resource Development Initiative. This project will be a priority for the individual who fills the vacant planner position

         The survey of information providers for the Transportation Safety Information Analysis project has been completed with 50 out of 65 surveys returned. Additional information was gathered through phone conversations with the primary information collectors and providers of transportation safety information. A technical memorandum summarizing the issues and concerns of information users, the existing and planned practices of information providers, and strategies to improve the quality of access to the data has been drafted for internal review. GTC expects to bring an executive summary to the Planning Committee in February for recommendation to the Board

         Final layout of the Long Range Transportation Plan for the Genesee Finger Lakes Region: 2005-2025 document has not progressed as hoped. Staff met with the graphic designer to provide final comments on January 6. Completion is expected by the end of this month and the document should be printed early next month

         With respect to Air Quality Planning and Outreach, GTC staff has had discussions with NYSDOT Environmental Analysis Bureau staff regarding timing of submission of conformity materials. The proposed exempt/non-exempt classifications for TIP amendments and SAFETEA-LU and FFY 2006 appropriations earmarks will be done when project descriptions are received from sponsors and formatted for submission to the Interagency Consultation Group. ICG is requiring additional information in the Travel Demand Model validation document regarding speed estimation. Neither issue will delay amending earmarks into the TIP as all appear to be exempt. The consultant is finalizing options for CMAQ selection criteria including an analysis tool to estimate emission reduction benefits of various eligible activities. Staff would like to provide the consultants products to the TIP Development Committee for discussion at their February 2 meeting

         Responses on access issues and high-priority sites have not been received from Orleans County or the City of Geneva for Transportation and Industrial Access Phase 1. A draft issues and opportunities technical memo has been drafted based on interviews with the other seven counties and the City of Rochester. Staff will follow-up with Orleans County and Geneva to complete Phase 1 and begin development of an RFP to identify improvements to access to the high-priority sites

         G/FLRPC drafted a survey for their Planning Coordination Committee on December 1, 2005 for the Bicycle & Pedestrian Supportive Code Language project. GTC staff reviewed and commented on the draft survey on December 6, 2005. The survey was distributed January 4 with responses due January 17, 2006

         The Steering Committee for the Greater Rochester Transportation Operations and Management Organization Feasibility Study met on November 30. A summary was provided on December 8. The consultant is finalizing the draft final report for Steering Committee review. FHWA Office of Operations is considering providing assistance in the form of a peer-to-peer exchange to develop a regional concept for operations

         The three studies that comprise the 2004-05 Priority Trails Advancement project are progressing. The Oatka Creek Trail Steering Committee met on December 21, 2005 to provide the consultant with comments on the draft final report with a public meeting to be scheduled for late January or early February. The Lakeville-Livonia Trail Steering Committee met on December 7 to provide the consultant with comments on the draft final report with a public meeting to be scheduled. In addition, GTC staff will work with the Town and Village of Livonia to address seasonal landowner concerns, possibly through a work session in the Spring/Summer 2006. Comments on the draft final report for the Genesee Riverway Trail (Downtown to Lower Falls Park) have been provided by NYSDOT and GTC to the consultant. A Steering Committee meeting to review the draft final report will be scheduled

         The Rochester Bicycling Club has completed their ratings of roads in the Rochester TMA for the On-Street Bicycle Facilities Opportunities Review. Some revisions and additional detail are needed. Approximately 70 percent of the ratings have been converted to GIS format. The next step is to determine areas that should be considered for improvement when facility reconstruction is undertaken

         A draft technical memorandum for the Congestion Management Process (CMP) has been drafted and is being reviewed internally. A presentation to the CMP Working Group is being developed for a meeting in February or March. The NYSMPO CMP shared cost initiative is advancing with the Steering Committee, of which GTC is a member, meeting with the consultant January 13 to provide comments on the final draft report

         A Scope of Work for the Travel Time Data Collection Assessment project will be presented later in the meeting

         The Strategic Plan for Public Transportation in Yates County project will begin once the final report for the Route 14A Corridor Study is complete

         Integrating Safety into Transportation Planning materials for the Transportation Information Resources have been completed and posted to the GTC website

         Minimal work has been completed on a scope of work for the Regional Goods Movement Strategy for Planning Committee consideration

         The final report for the TIP Management Enhancement Study was adopted by the GTC Board at its December 8, 2005 meeting

Terrence Rice asked if the TIP Development Committee (TDC) will review SAFETEA-LU and Appropriations earmarks at its next meeting. Richard Perrin responded that GTC needs a request letter from every agency showing the timing of the earmark. Those agencies providing request letters for earmarks will have them considered at the February 2 TDC meeting.

John Thomas asked if the SAFETEA-LU funds had been obligated yet. Rob Slaver responded that the funds have been appropriated by Congress but have not yet been obligated.

David Cook stated that he thought FTA was rescinding funds to aid the Gulf Coast and asked if the same was true for FHWA. Richard Beers responded that there have been discussions related to this issue but no decisions have been made.

Terrence Rice asked if the on-street bicycle ratings are based solely on the opinion of the Rochester Bicycling Club (RBC). Richard Perrin responded that GTC provided RBC with criteria to follow and that GTC will produce the map and related inventory. David Woods asked if the GIS files from the project would be provided to member agencies. Richard Perrin responded that they would.


David Zorn reported:

         Data collection has begun for the 2005 Regional Land Use Monitoring report

         Two public meetings were held in December 2005 and draft reports are being developed for the Preparing Village Main Streets for Planning project. A Technical Committee meeting has been scheduled for February

         A Technical Advisory Committee meeting has been scheduled for January 26 for the Optimizing Transportation Infrastructure through Effective Land Use project. Twenty-five transit corridors have been identified for further analysis

         The completed Genesee-Finger Lakes Regional Atlas is being distributed

Livingston County


David Woods reported:

         A presentation on the Horizontal Alignment Safety Study final report will be presented later in the meeting

Monroe County

Paul Johnson reported:

         Data collection has begun for the 2005 Monroe County Land Use Monitoring report

         The database for the Monroe County Parking Study is nearly complete and on schedule for completion in March 2006

Terrence Rice reported:

         A Scope of Work for the Accident Rate Database project will be presented later in the meeting

         A Scope of Work for the Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Study is in draft form but will not be submitted for approval until FHWA finalizes its guidance

         A Scope of Work for the Safe Passing Zone Survey will be presented later in the meeting

         Staff has reviewed and provided comments on the consultants preliminary recommendations for the selected locations for the Pedestrian Activity Safety Study. A draft report is expected within a month

         The Ballantyne Road Corridor Study is complete

Ontario County

Angela Ellis reported:

         There is no progress to report on the State Route 96/State Route 318 Rural Corridor Study Phase 2

         The Canandaigua Regional Transportation Study is progressing. The consultant will be completing a draft of the preliminary report. The Technical Committee will meet on January 17, 2006

City of Rochester

John Thomas reported:

       There is no progress to report on the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Concept Design and Implementation Study

       The Port of Rochester Transportation Evaluation and Support Study is being evaluated given the recent announcement regarding fast ferry service. An internal review will be conducted and the City may need to halt the study

       The DES AVL Implementation Plan was adopted by the GTC Board at its December 8, 2005 meeting

Terrence Rice asked if there had been much data collected for the Port of Rochester study. John Thomas responded that there was significant data collected and that the study is being coordinated with Sasaki Associates, the Citys consultant on the Port Master Plan.

Terrence Rice requested that Monroe County be given an opportunity to review the draft report for the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Concept Design and Implementation Study when it is available.


David Cook reported:

        RGRTA has begun developing the scope of work for the Coordinated Public Transit/Human Services Transportation Plan and is awaiting FTA guidance

        The Security and Safety Plan for Public Transportation is nearing completion and should be closed out soon

        The RTS Fare Modification Study is approximately 85 percent complete. Staff is seeking public input

        There is no progress to report on the Alternative Fuels Technology Study/RTS Hybrid Bus Study

Seneca County

Richard Perrin reported:

         There is no progress to report on the State Route 96/State Route 318 Rural Corridor Study Phase 1

Wayne County

James Brady reported:

        There is no progress to report on the Cluster Development Enhancement Project Feasibility Study

         There is no progress to report on the Palmyra Route 21 Truck Traffic Study

Wyoming County


Richard Perrin reported:

        There is no progress to report on Transportation & Scenic/Historic Resources in Wyoming County


Yates County

Chris Wilson reported:

         A Route 14A Corridor Study project team meeting was held on December 9 at the GTC office. The study is progressing and completion is anticipated in the near future

Other Agencies

         The Regional Traffic Count Collection project is a four-county effort. Ontario County is progressing their portion of the project in-house this spring. GTC will work with Wayne and Livingston counties to finalize their RFP for consultant services. Monroe County resumed their counts for 378 locations in September and finished in November

         GTC staff is developing a draft RFP for the Erie-Attica Railroad Bridge and Trail this week and hope to have it ready for review by the Village of Avon within the next week

         The Town of Penfield held an initial meeting of local project partners for the Route 250 Corridor Study the week of January 2

b.      Any Other Old Business or Announcements

Richard Perrin responded to the inquiry from Monroe County at the November 17, 2005 Planning Committee meeting regarding the availability of SAFETEA-LU Section 406 funds. The NHTSA Safety Belt Performance Grant Program provides incentive grants to encourage enactment and enforcement of safety belt laws. The funds will be allocated at the discretion of NYSDOT and are tied to safety belt use rate and state Strategic Highway Safety Plan.

Richard Perrin announced that, per the GTC by-laws, the following officials are new members of the GTC Board: Theodore M. Fafinski, Supervisor of Farmington, Ontario County; James Hoffman, Supervisor of Williamson, Wayne County; and George Bower, an At Large Member of the Orleans County Legislature by their election as Chair of their respective Boards of Supervisors/Legislature. Robert Duffy is a GTC Board member by his election as Mayor of Rochester.

Richard also informed the Committee of his election to the Board of Directors of the Center for Environmental Information (CEI). CEI works to advance public understanding of environmental issues, facilitate communication between educators, scientists, decision-makers and the public, and promotes informed action based on the exchange of information and ideas. It is a three-year term.

5. Planning Committee Action Items

a.      Approval of the Draft FY 2006-07 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Public Review Document

Richard Perrin discussed the two items provided for consideration. The first item is the FY 2006-07 UPWP Suggested Balanced Program that provides a breakdown of all tasks to be included in the FY 2006-07 UPWP, including GTC staff tasks. The second item is the document for public review. The 30-day public review would begin January 13, 2006 and end February 14, 2006.

The FY 2006-07 UPWP totals $1,928,293 of which $829,938 is for GTC staff activities which comprise the GTC core budget. This represents a 1.83 percent increase above the current fiscal year. Significant factors contributing to the increase are: inclusion of funds for rent the current 5-year lease with Monroe County expires August 1, 2006; GTC staff has held discussions to renew the agreement for another five-year term under current conditions; increased retiree health care expenses; and establishment of an operating contingency which is 5 percent of non-personnel expenses.

GTC staff found offsets through savings in salary, fringe (pension is based on salary), and computer purchases. If no funds are expended for rent, the FY 06-07 core budget would be 2.3 percent less than the current year budget.

The remaining funds for allocation to member agencies and for consultant services to GTC staff total $1,098,355.

GTC staff issued a heads up letter on September 9, 2005 and Call for Projects package two weeks later on September 23, 2005 with proposals due October 28, 2005. GTC staff held a workshop for prospective applicants on October 12, 2005 at the Henrietta Town Hall. Forty-one proposals were received by the October 28 deadline, 33 from eligible jurisdictions and eight from GTC staff.

The UPWP Development Committee (UDC) met on December 5, 13 and 15, 2005 to review proposals and develop the program provided for your consideration. The credit for developing the draft FY 2006-07 UPWP goes to UDC members including David Woods, Paul Johnson, Kris Hughes, Sharon Lilla, Doug Benson, John Thomas, David Zorn, David Cook, and Joan Dupont.

The draft FY 2006-07 UPWP includes: continued funding for the Monroe County and G/FLRPC Land Use Monitoring reports, the Regional Traffic Count Collection program, and the Priority Trails Advancement (PTA) program. None of the five proposed trail projects have been recommended for funding through the FY 2006-07 UPWP the UDC decided to increase funding to PTA and trail project proposers should apply for funds through the PTA program.

Projects that respond to SAFETEA-LU mandates include additional safety projects such as the Genesee County Safe Passing Zone Survey, the Monroe County High Accident Location Program, and the Monroe County Overhead Traffic Sign Visibility Upgrade as well as the LRTP Non-Air Environmental Scan.

GTC staff projects include the creation of a Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking (CAP) program to assist villages, city neighborhoods, and hamlets in developing district transportation plans, enhancements to the GTC Travel Demand Model to include a mode choice step and morning peak period component, and development of a Pedestrian Facilities Inventory to complement the On-Street Bicycle Facilities Opportunities Review project.

The draft FY 2006-07 UPWP is responsive to and consistent with NYSDOT priority result areas and USDOT emphasis areas.

Richard Beers asked about the Emergency Route Identification and Safe Routes to School (SR2S) projects that were not recommended for funding. Richard Perrin responded that the UDC felt that much of the work for Emergency Route Identification project was already being conducted and that SR2S advancement could be accomplished through the existing Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning task.

Terrence Rice asked if the Regional Traffic Count Collection project included Monroe County. Richard Perrin affirmed that it did include Monroe County.

Terrence Rice also asked how the Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking (CAP) Program would be implemented. Richard Perrin responded that it would be a separate Call for Projects and that the evaluation criteria have not yet been determined. Terrence Rice asked if the Village of Hilton Parking & Circulation Study proposal would be eligible for the CAP program. Richard Perrin responded that the proposal would be eligible and, similar to Priority Trails Advancement, that sponsor will be encouraged to apply for funds through the CAP program.

Terrence Rice moved to approve the Draft FY 2006-07 Unified Planning Work Program Public Review Document; David Cook seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

b. Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning accepting the report, Horizontal Alignment Safety Study, as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 6200/Proposed Council Resolution 06-1

Don Higgins, Livingston County Highway Superintendent, discussed the project and provided a review of the results.

Richard Beers asked if Livingston County had looked at accident data at any of the locations identified in the study. Don Higgins responded that the project identified the locations and that a review of the accident histories at the locations was not part of the study.

James Brady asked if there was a time frame for making improvements at the locations identified. Don Higgins responded that they would be addressed as resources permit.

George Stam asked if the GIS application (ArcMap extension) developed as part of this project could be used by municipalities elsewhere. David Woods responded that Livingston County will see if that is feasible. If feasible, the extension will be shared with member agencies.

Fred Humphrey moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolution 06-1; Terrence Rice seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

c. Approval of UPWP Project Scopes of Work

David Woods, Chairman, suggested grouping the four Scopes of Work under one motion. The Committee concurred.

1. Task 4380 Accident Rate Database Project

Terrence Rice discussed the proposed Scope of Work for Task #4380.

Rob Slaver asked if Monroe County is only obtaining default traffic counts. Terrence Rice responded that the county would collect actual counts at 80 locations and then conduct the calculations to determine accident rates.

2. Task 6220 Safe Passing Zone Survey

Terrence Rice discussed the proposed Scope of Work for Task #6620.

3. Task 7120 Travel Time Data Collection Assessment

Richard Perrin discussed the proposed Scope of Work for Task #7120

4. Task 5500 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region

Richard Perrin discussed the proposed Scope of Work for Task #5500 noting that it would be accomplished within existing resources and that no additional funds would be needed to conduct this project

David Woods asked if the plan would encompass the entire nine-county region. Richard Perrin affirmed that it would.

John Thomas cautioned that $13,000 is not enough to perform specific SR2S work. Richard Perrin responded that the SR2S component would not be school-specific but would be inclusive of overall SR2S principles.

James Fletcher moved to recommend approval of the Scopes of Work for UPWP Tasks 4380, 6620, 7120, and 5500; George Stam seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

6. Information Items

a. Route Analysis and Evaluation Initiative Presentation

David Cook, RGRTA, introduced Ryan Gallivan from RTS. Ryan gave a presentation on the Route Analysis and Evaluation Initiative.

There was discussion regarding the current RTS fare structure, cost savings to RTS through adjustments to existing routes, the associated project methodology, and the associated use of various size buses to reduce operating costs.

b. 2006 Meeting Calendar

Richard Perrin noted that a revised 2006 Meeting Calendar was included in the Planning Committee package and that all meeting locations have been finalized for the previously provided dates and times.

7. New Business

Richard Beers noted that a draft of the Statewide Transportation Plan is available for review on the NYSDOT website. Richard Perrin stated that he would e-mail the link to the Plan to Planning Committee members and that it would be posted to the GTC website.

8. Next Meeting

The next Planning Committee meeting will be held February 16, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. at the Ontario County Municipal Building.

9. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 11:48 a.m.