GTC Planning Committee - Agenda

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Genesee Transportation Council

Planning Committee Meeting

January 9, 2003

9:00 a.m.

Genesee Transportation Council Conference Room

50 West Main Street, Suite 8112



1.                  Call to Order (9:00 a.m.)

2.                  Public Forum

3.                  Approval of Minutes: November 21, 2002 Planning Committee meeting

4.                  Reports and Action on Old Business

a.       Reports on UPWP Projects and Other Activities

b.      Any Other Old Business or Announcements

5.                  Planning Committee Action Items

a.       Recommendation to GTC Board concerning Amending the 2001-2006 Transportation Improvement Program by adding the Routes 36 & 408 Reconstruction project, and by reducing the Construction & Inspection Revenue of and delaying the Construction & Inspection phase of the Route 104 Greece project / Proposed Council Resolution 03-1 (NYSDOT)

b.      Planning Committee Action concerning Draft FY 2003-2004 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Public Review Document

c.       Planning Committee Action concerning Regionally Significant Corridors Program Second Year Call for Projects

d.      Planning Committee Action concerning Long Range Transportation Plan Interim Goals & Objectives

6.                  Planning Committee Information Items

a.       Revisions to the Federal-Aid Urban Area Boundaries

7.                  New Business

8.                  Next Meeting

9.                  Adjournment