GTC Planning Committee - Minutes

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Wayne County Courthouse

August 21, 2003


James Brady, Wayne County Highway Department

Joan Dupont, NYSDOT Region 4

Richard Garrabrant, NYS Thruway Authority

Steve Hendershott, Monroe County Supervisors Association

Terrence J. Rice, Monroe County DOT

Mark A. Sawyer, Seneca County Planning Department

David Zorn, G/FLRPC

Wayne Zyra, Monroe County Legislator


Richard Beers, representing Jonathan McDade, FHWA

David Cook, representing Donald Riley, RGRTA

Angela Ellis, representing Kristen Mark Hughes, Ontario County Planning Department

Tom Goodwin, representing Paul Johnson, Monroe County Planning Department

Scott Leathersich, representing Stephen Ferranti, Monroe County At Large

John Thomas, representing George Stam, City of Rochester


Deborah Elliott, GTC Staff

Steve Gleason, GTC Staff

Sharon Lilla, Wayne County

Richard Perrin, GTC Staff

Rob Slaver, NYSDOT Region 4

James Stack, GTC Staff


Philip Brito, FAA

Donald Cooley, Orleans County Highway Department

Timothy Hens, Genesee County Highway Department

John T. Hicks, NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation

Charles Nesbitt, Jr., Empire State Development Corporation

Thomas Skoglund, Wyoming County Planning Department

Larry Stid, City of Rochester

William Sullivan, Rochester City Council

Clara Wallace-Douglas, FTA

David Woods, Livingston County Planning Department

(Vacant), Yates County

1. Call to Order

Due to the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chairman, John Thomas volunteered to chair the meeting. He called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.

2.                 Public Forum

No public comment was offered.

3. Approval of Minutes

Richard Garrabrant moved for approval of the minutes from the July 17, 2003 Planning Committee meeting; Steve Hendershott seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

4.                 Reports and Action on Old Business

a. Reports on UPWP Projects and Other Activities


Steve Gleason reported:

        Significant progress has been made on the GTC Staff Strategic Plan. A draft Plan will be presented to the Executive Committee this Fall

        The Rural County Resource Development Initiative survey results will be tabulated for presentation at the October Planning Committee meeting

        There is no progress to report for the Transportation Safety Information Analysis project

        Data development and documentation is in progress for the Long Range Transportation Plan. An initial public meeting is planned for November

        On July 15, 2003, the Governor made a recommendation to the Environmental Protection Agency to designate the Rochester Metropolitan Statistical Area as unclassifiable with regard to the 8-hour ozone standard. The EPA will review the Governors recommendation and is due to publish its own recommendation October 15. There will be a 120-day comment period before the EPA recommendation becomes final. Jim Stack and Rich Perrin met with NYSDEC and EPA staff regarding the current and proposed site of the Rochester Primary Air Quality monitor

        There is no progress to report for the Transportation and Industrial Access project

        A draft of the Action Plan for the Regional Rights-of-Way Preservation Study is under development. The inventory of existing rights-of-way is being put into a taxonomy for analysis

        The next Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Study Steering Committee meeting will be held on September 4. The inventory of existing needs and services will be reviewed

        The Priority Trails Advancement project has three sub-projects. The first public meeting for the Canandaigua Rail-with-Trail project is scheduled September 15. The Steering Committee for the Auburn trail is targeting the week of August 25 for their first meeting. The City of Rochester is nearly finished with the survey work on the two neighborhood connectors

        The On-Street Bicycle Facility Opportunities Review is targeted to begin in October

        A meeting of the Congestion Management System Working Group is targeted for September/October to review the Performance Measures and to begin establishing Performance Standards

        As part of the Transportation Information Resources project, staff has collected information about roundabouts and is preparing to post it on the GTC website

        Good progress is being made in Regional Trails Initiative Phase 2. The inventory of existing and planned trails is complete. Eight public meetings will be scheduled in September/October. The next Steering Committee meeting is November 20

        An RFP was issued for the TIP Management Enhancement Study with a due date of September 12. Ten requests for the RFP have been received to date. The Notice to Proceed is anticipated in November

        A copy of the 2003-2008 TIP was included in the mailing for this meeting. It will be sent to Board members soon

        Staff is working with NYSDOT to update the Functional Classification system in the region. The first phase will be adjustments related to the new Urbanized Area boundary (this phase must be completed by the end of September). Future phases will be coordinated with County Highway Superintendents and the City of Rochester. All proposed changes will come to this committee in November. GTC Board action is anticipated in December

        GTC staff completed the annual pavement rating fieldwork on August 18. Staff will be preparing GIS-based maps of the data



David Zorn reported:

        Staff is making progress on the Regional Development Projections. Zoning District information is being updated

        The first round of qualitative and quantitative analysis for the Regional Population Forecasts project is complete. This analysis has been discussed with county planning staffs and will be refined

        An Executive Summary of the Rural County Land Use Monitoring Report has been issued. The full report is available on the G/FLRPC website and a hard copy is pending

        The Final Reports for the Main Street Transportation Tools Project have been distributed

        Staff is still waiting for Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) data to finalize the Regional Atlas. The layout has been finalized with placeholders. QA/QC review of text is underway

Monroe County


Terry Rice reported:

        Work on the Monroe County Traffic Count Collection project is scheduled to begin in the Fall 2003 after legislative approval of the recommended consultant contract

        Database conversion is complete for the GIS Database Integration for the Monroe County DOT project. QA/QC review is underway. The Final Report is scheduled for completion in October 2003

        Contract negotiations with the consultant for the Pedestrian Activity Safety Study are underway and work is scheduled to begin later in the Fall

        A scoping meeting for the Ballantyne Road Corridor Study will be held with the Town, County, State, and consultant staff members sometime in September

Tom Goodwin reported:

        Data collection for the 2003 Report for the Monroe County Land Use Monitoring has begun

        Data analysis for the Monroe County Parking Study will be available within the next couple of months


Ontario County


Angela Ellis reported:

        The build-out analysis for the Route 332 Corridor Management Study is under review by Ontario County. A Technical Review Committee will assess the Fiscal Impact analysis soon

        The consultant is making progress on the Routes 5 & 20 Corridor Study

        The Ontario CATS Bus System Plan project is complete

        The Ontario County Board of Supervisors will consider two resolutions on August 21 concerning executing agreements with the consultant and NYSDOT for the Canandaigua Regional Transportation Study






City of Rochester


John Thomas reported:

        A pavement evaluation training manual for the Street Condition Rating Update Study is under development

        The consultant contract for the Highland Park/Canalway Neighborhood Connector Trail Study is being finalized. The project should begin this Fall

        The Final Report for the High Volume Bus Stop Pavement Management Study is nearly complete



David Cook reported:

        An RFP for the RGRTA Transit Focus Group Study has been issued and proposals are being evaluated. The RGRTA Board is expected to approve a consultant in September

        RGRTA is working with the City of Rochester to develop an RFP for the RGRTA/City of Rochester ITS Implementation Plan

        The Gates-Chili Transit Study project is on hold

        An RFP for the Area Wide Job Access and Reverse Commute Plan is under final review

        A request to change the scope of the Security and Safety Plan for Public Transportation is on todays agenda

        The Route Analysis Information System data collection is complete and the project should be done within the next two months

        Issuance of an RFP for the Alternative Fuels Technology Study is pending

        RGRTA is working on details for the Rochester Central Station

        RGRTA will receive 30 replacement buses next May

Wyoming County


Steve Gleason reported:

        A revised draft of the Inventory and Needs Assessment for the Transportation & Scenic/Historic Resources in the Wyoming County project is under review. The first public meeting will be scheduled after Labor Day

Yates County


Steve Gleason reported:

        A Steering Committee meeting for the Route 14A Corridor Study is anticipated in September with a public meeting planned for October to review alternatives

Other Agencies

Steve Gleason reported:

        The Steering Committee for The Conesus Transportation and Safety Management Plan held their first public meeting August 20 focusing on goals, objectives and issues. It was well attended

        A draft document for the Monroe Avenue/I-590 Interchange Study is expected to be available for public review in September

        The final public meeting for the Lexington Avenue Extension Study was held August 18. The final report and close out of the project is expected at the October meeting

b.      Any Other Old Business or Announcements

Jim Stack announced that the Federal Highway Administration has appointed Robert Griffith as the representative to the Planning Committee; Richard Beers has been appointed as his alternate.

The September GTC Board meeting has been cancelled.

5.                 Planning Committee Action Items

a. Recommendation to GTC Board concerning Accepting the report, New York State Metropolitan Planning Organizations Long-Term Funding Needs Study, as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 9251 / Proposed Council Resolution 03-23

Steve Gleason gave an overview of the report. He noted that a copy of the Executive Summary was included in the mailing.

Richard Garrabrant moved to recommend approval of the Proposed Council Resolution 03-23; Wayne Zyra seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

b. Recommendation concerning Authorizing request to NYSDOT to take the accounting actions necessary to enable reimbursement of GTCs Host Agency for its working capital contribution to UPWP Task 6700 / Proposed Planning Committee Resolution 03-3

Steve explained the proposed resolution. He noted that due to protracted State budget difficulties, GTC has not been able to secure the anticipated $40,000 in State funds for the Amtrak Station Revitalization Study. Other funding is needed to reimburse GTCs Host Agency for expenses related to this study, which this resolution makes possible.

Terrence Rice moved for approval of the Proposed Planning Committee Resolution 03-3; David Cook seconded. The motion passed unopposed.

c. Approval of Proposed Change in Scope to UPWP Task 8270 Security and Safety Plan for Public Transportation

David Cook explained the proposed change in the scope. He noted that in order to make the Plan effective, senior staff needs to be trained in key areas.

The Planning Committee concurred with the change.

6. Planning Committee Information Items

a. Upcoming UPWP strategy and priorities Planning Committee direction required

Steve Gleason gave a presentation on the upcoming UPWP cycle. He discussed a new option of having a two-year UPWP, the progress made since the last LRTP Update, and focus areas/priorities for the upcoming UPWP.

There was discussion about whether to pursue a one-year or two-year UPWP. One concern was the ability to respond to emerging issues. Steve Gleason noted that he discussed this issue with FHWA and NYSDOT. FHWA will permit GTC to set aside up to 10% of the allocation of Planning funds for unspecified projects. GTC must get pre-approved from FHWA to program these funds to a particular project. Subsequently, the Planning Committee must recommend the change to the GTC Board for action.

The consensus of the Planning Committee was to develop a two-year UPWP.

Steve continued his presentation. There was discussion about the progress made since the last LRTP Update and how this should be reflected in the priorities of the UPWP Call for Projects.

The consensus of the Planning Committee was to defer finalizing the UPWP priorities to the UPWP Development Committee with guidance from the Planning Committee.

Steve then discussed the UPWP development schedule. The Committee directed Staff to add an additional week to the proposed due date for project proposals.

b.      GTC Public Participation Policy Update Planning Committee direction required

Jim Stack gave a presentation on the GTC Public Participation Policy update. He discussed the Policy purpose, standards and requirements, applicability, and update cycle.

Angela Ellis requested GTC provide a comparison between the requirements of the current Policy and the proposed Policy. Steve Gleason agreed that this could be done.

There was concern about the level of effort that would be required prior to proposing a TIP project given the fact that it might not get funded. It was suggested that, in lieu of specific public involvement prior to proposing a TIP project, a question be added to the application to gauge the level of public interest that is expected. This suggestion will be passed on to the TIP Development Committee in preparation for the next TIP cycle.

c.       Volunteer hosts for Planning Committee meetings in 2004

GTC will send out a list of dates for calendar year 2004 Planning Committee meetings in order to solicit volunteer hosts.

7. New Business

No new business was reported.

8. Next Meeting

The next Planning Committee meeting will be held on October 16, 2003 at 10:00 a.m. at RGRTA, 1372 East Main Street. David Cook noted that a facility tour will be arranged for interested Committee members.

9. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 11:55 a.m.