GTC Planning Committee - Agenda

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Genesee Transportation Council

Planning Committee Meeting

October 25, 2001

10 a.m.

Livingston County Highway Department

4389 Gypsy Lane

Groveland, NY


1.                  Call to Order (10 a.m.)

2.                  Public Forum

3.                  Approval of Minutes: August 23, 2001 Planning Committee meeting

4.                  Information Items

a.                   GTC Staff and Committee Reports

b.                  Participating Agency Reports

c.                   CMS Working Group Report (GTC Staff)

d.                  FY 2002-2003 UPWP Development (GTC Staff)

e.                  Other Announcements

5.                  Planning Committee Action Items

a.       Planning Committee action concerning Amending the FY 2001-2002 UPWP for G/FLRPC Tasks 4428 and 8520/Proposed Planning Committee Resolution 01-7 (G/FLRPC)

b.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning Accepting The City of Rochesters Inner Loop Improvement Study as Completion of UPWP Tasks 7510 and 7520/Proposed Council Resolution 01-18 (City of Rochester)

c.       Recommendation to GTC Board concerning Changing the Functional Classification Designation of Clay and Gravely Roads in the Town of Henrietta/Proposed Council Resolution 01-19 (NYSDOT)

d.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning Amending the 2001-2006 TIP by adding a Right-of-Way Acquisition Phase to the Old Penfield Road Bridge, Lake Road Bridge, and North Street Reconstruction Projects/ Proposed Council Resolution 01-20 (NYSDOT)

6.                  New Business

7.                  Next Meeting

8.                  Adjournment