GTC Planning Committee - Minutes

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RGRTA Headquarters Building, First Floor Conference Room

January 18, 2001


Stephen Hendershott, Monroe County Town Supervisors Association

Paul Howard (Chair), GFLRPC

Thomas Skoglund, Wyoming County

William Smith, Monroe County Legislature

David Woods, Livingston County


David Cook for Don Riley, R-GRTA

Paul Johnson for Rocco DiGiovanni, Monroe County Planning

Alicia Nolan for Jonathan McDade, FHWA

Rob Slaver for Joan Dupont, NYSDOT

David Thielman for William Leslie, NYS Thruway Authority

John Thomas for George Stam, City of Rochester


Kristin Bennett, GTC Staff

Chris Downing, GTC Staff

Deborah Elliott, GTC Staff

Steve Gleason, GTC Staff

Marvin Kleinberg, NYSDOT

Richard Koss, City of Rochester

Jane Luce, Town of Victor

Jane Naylon, GTC Staff

Charles N. Switzer, R-GRTA

Charles E. Walker, R-GRTA


Terrence J. Rice, Monroe County DOT

John Accorso, City of Rochester

S. William Baker, US EPA

Philip Birto, FAA

James Brady, Wayne County

Glenn Cooke, Seneca County

Donald Cooley, Orleans County

Michael Cronin, DEC

Stephen Ferranti, Member-At-large, Monroe County

Steven Finn, Ontario County

Glenn Guarino, Member-At-Large, Monroe County

David Hartman, Yates County

Timothy Hens, Genesee County

Mark Scheuerman, Empire State Development

Clara Wallace-Douglas, FTA

(Vacant), Member-At-Large, City of Rochester

1. Call to Order

Chairman Paul Howard called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. in the first floor conference room at the R-GRTA Headquarters Building.

2.                 Public Forum

Jane Luce informed the Planning Committee of the Town of Victors priorities for the three UPWP proposals it has submitted. The Towns highest priority is the Town-Wide Trails Plan proposal.

David Cook welcomed everyone and introduced Chuck Switzer and Chip Walker from R-GRTA. David informed everyone about the different divisions and locations of R-GRTA and offered to lead a tour of the facilities after the meeting for any interested committee members.

3.                 Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the November 16, 2000, Planning Committee meeting were approved as submitted.

4.                 Information Items

GTC Staff and Committee Reports

Steve Gleason reported on GTC Staff and Committee activities:

        GTC staff is working primarily on the UPWP and TIP development.

        The Livingston County Access Management Case Study project is underway. Steve Munson with NYSDOTs Access Management Group is scheduled to make site visits to Mt. Morris, Avon, and Geneseo next week.

        The consultant is completing the traffic modeling and beginning alternative development for the Route 31 / Hamlet of Egypt Land Use / Transportation Study

        A survey of transportation providers and purchasers will be sent out to obtain input for the Seneca County Transportation study.

        GTC staff is assisting Wayne County with scope development for an RFP. Senator Nozzolio has obtained $1.25 million for the study, design, and construction of the proposed Amtrak station in Lyons, Wayne County

        GTC Staff has provided support on several other projects including the Town of Irondequoits Transportation Study

        The Thruway/Route 88 Interchange Feasibility Study Final Report is now available on the GTC web site.

        A regional quick reference map and information database has been developed for use by GTC staff. There may be opportunities to share this resource with other agencies.

        The Governors 2001-2002 budget proposes $50 million for an Erie Canal Initiative, which would provide funding over a five-year period for trail and waterway improvements.

        GTC staff is tracking the impact of the new Census on funding and political representation for the region. It is estimated that New York State will lose 2 Congressional seats and the region may lose as much as $5 million per year in FHWA and FTA funding.

Participating Agency Reports


David Cook reported:

        A consultant was recently selected to conduct the Fare Structure Study. The study should be completed within six months.

        Stuart I. Brown Associates is conducting the Livingston County and Genesee County Public Transportation Studies. Two public input forums for the Livingston County study were held last week with good attendance and input.

        RGRTA expects to receive the draft final report for the Intermodal Freight Study shortly.

        RGRTA staff is reviewing the draft final report for the Park & Ride Study. This project will be completed by March 2001.

        RGRTA staff is reviewing the draft final report for the Suburban Circulator Route Study.

        A consultant on the Rochester Central Station project is currently preparing a draft report which includes a community needs assessment and conceptual designs for the proposed facility.

NYS Thruway Authority


Dave Thielman did not offer a report.


Livingston County

David Woods reported:

        The new County highway garage is almost complete.

        The new countywide radio system is operating; staff is now working to optimize the system.


Wyoming County

Tom Skoglund reported:

        Wyoming County has recently completed the draft of its first county strategic plan. The draft is available for public review at this time. The plan includes recommendations for infrastructure improvements, including transportation and telecommunications.

        The County is also in the process of completing its first Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).


Rob Slaver reported:

        The Route 63 Corridor Study, which will examine the truck and highway traffic along this corridor in Livingston, Wyoming, and Genesee counties, is now underway.

        NYSDOT is working closely with GTC staff on evaluating the TIP applications.

        NYSDOT is also developing its capital improvement program for the region.

City of Rochester

        Rich Koss, project engineer for the Citys University Avenue reconstruction and Art Walk projects, provided an update on these projects. The street reconstruction project is almost complete. The Art Walk project has been delayed because the State Historic Preservation Office has rejected the final design for Art Walk. The City is appealing the decision, noting they are concerned about the possible loss of federal funding.

        John Thomas informed the committee that the City of Rochester is requesting a TIP amendment for project #98-3 Port of Rochester Harbor Improvements. The City would like to split this project into two projects to progress certain sections separately. Specifically, the City would like to move $3.027 million into FFY 2000-01 and keep the remaining funding ($7.992 million) in FFY 2002-2003.

Rob Slaver informed the Committee that this amendment request would need an administrative amendment from the Planning Committee because the shift in funds affects the State TIP (STIP). To adjust the STIP, an official TIP Amendment needs to be executed and forwarded to NYSDOT Main Office.

Steve Gleason stated GTC Staff would draft the amendment based on the information presented by the City today.

John Thomas motioned to amend the TIP as stated above. Tom Skoglund seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

Monroe County

Paul Johnson reported:

        The Countys Pavement Management Project will be completed by March, 2001. Staff is in the process of completing data entry.

        Surveys went out recently for the Countys annual Land Use Monitoring Project.

Federal Highway Administration
Alicia Nolan reported that new Planning Rules under CFR 23 are forthcoming. They will be published in the Federal Register first and then made available on USDOTs website later.
Monroe County Supervisors Association
Steve Hendershott did not offer a report.

Other Announcements

UPWP Update


Steve Gleason reported that GTC received 41 project proposals totaling over $1 million. The total funding for GTC for FY 2001-2002 is around $1.2 million, of which $855,000 is required to maintain the GTC staff. There is approximately $300,000 available for new projects. The next UDC meeting will be held on January 25, 9:00 a.m. at the GTC offices. GTC Board action is scheduled for March 8, 2001.

TIP Update

The TIP Development committee (TDC) had its first meeting on January 17; two more are scheduled for January 22 and January 29. GTC Staff and NYSDOT have been working on project proposal scoring. The TIP draft will be available on January 31 for its 30-day public review period. Public meetings have been scheduled for February 13 (Downtown Rochester), February 14 (Perinton), and February 15 (Chili). (Note: these dates have been pushed back per subsequent TDC decisions.)

5.                 Action Items


Resolution 01-01 Accepting the Canalway Trail Realignment Study Final Report as completion of UPWP Task #6519


William Sullivan called for a motion to accept Proposed Resolution 00-20 (Accepting the Canalway Trail Realignment Study Final Report as Completion of UPWP Task 6519). David Thielman seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

6.                 New Business

Paul Howard informed the Committee that GFLRPC would like to transfer $7,000 in funds from the Regional Satellite Imagery Project to the TMA / TIGER File Enhancement Project. He was confident that the TMA / TIGER File Project could be completed with the lower budget.

Marvin Kleinberg noted this action would require a Planning Committee resolution. Steve Gleason stated this action will be referenced as Planning Committee Resolution 01-02.

William Smith motioned to accept GTC Planning Committee Proposed Resolution 01-02. John Thomas seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

7.                 Next Meeting

The next Planning Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, February 22, 2001, at 10:00 a.m. (location to be determined).

8.                 Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.