GTC Planning Committee - Minutes

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Ontario County Municipal Building

July 26, 2001


James Brady, Highway Superintendent, Wayne County Highway Department

Joan Dupont, NYSDOT Region 4

Steven Finn, Director of Planning, Ontario County

Steve Hendershott, Monroe County Supervisors Association

Paul Howard, Chairman, GFLRPC

Terrence J. Rice, Monroe County DOT

David Woods, Director, Livingston County Planning Department


Paul Johnson, representing Rocco DiGiovanni, Monroe County Planning

Alicia Nolan, representing Jonathan McDade, FHWA

David Thielman, representing William Leslie, NYS Thruway Authority

John Thomas, representing George Stam, City of Rochester

Chip Walker, representing Don Riley, RGRTA


Kristin Bennett, GTC Staff

Joe Bovenzi, GTC Staff

Chris Downing, GTC Staff

Deborah Elliott, GTC Staff

Angela Ellis, Ontario County Planning Department

Erik Frisch, GTC Staff

Steve Gleason, GTC Staff

Marvin Kleinberg, NYSDOT Region 4

Brian Lakeman, GTC Staff

Rob Slaver, Jr., NYSDOT Region 4

James Stack, GTC Staff

Janet Starr, Ontario County

Greg Waidley, FHWA


S. William Baker, US EPA

Philip Birto, FAA

Glenn Cooke, Seneca County

Donald Cooley, Orleans County

Stephen Ferranti, Member-At-Large, Monroe County

Glenn Guarino, Member-At-Large, Monroe County

David Hartman, Superintendent of Highways, Yates County

Timothy Hens, Genesee County

John T. Hicks, Regional Director NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Mark Scheuerman, Empire State Development

Thomas Skoglund, Wyoming County Planning Department

William Smith, Monroe County Legislator

Larry Stid, City of Rochester Planning Director

William Sullivan, Chief Legislative Assistant, City of Rochester

Clara Wallace-Douglas, FTA

(Vacant), Member-At-Large, City of Rochester

1. Call to Order

Paul Howard called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.

2.                 Public Forum

No public comment was offered.

3.                 Approval of Minutes

David Thielman made a motion for approval of the minutes from the May 17, 2001 Planning Committee meeting; John Thomas seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as submitted.

4.                 Information Items

a.       GTC Staff and Committee Reports

Steve Gleason reported on GTC Staff and Committee activities:

        The Rochester Amtrak Station Revitalization Study will be conducted by Bergmann Associates

        The Route 14 Truck Study RFP is being developed

        GTC is drafting an RFP for the Route 14A Corridor Study

        The NYS MPOs Long Term funding RFP has been awarded to Cambridge Systematics

        Stuart I. Brown & Associates was selected to conduct the Strategic Plan for Rural Transportation in Orleans County

        Six proposals for the Regional Trails Strategic Plan RFP were reviewed. Alta Transportation Consulting based in California was selected to conduct the study

        The Seneca County Transportation Study is well underway. Stuart I. Brown and Associates has completed the needs assessment portions. The Steering committee met on July 24th. Stuart Browns team is now formulating service alternatives

        GTC and NYSDOT staff met with officials from the Village of Arcade. The Village was unsuccessful in their request for UPWP funds. Staff were able to identify potential solutions to pedestrian crossing issues at the Arcade and Attica Railroad and access management issues on the west side of the Village. The Village was encouraged to pursue TEP funds for the pedestrian issues

        Interns Erik Frisch and Joe Bovenzi completed pavement monitoring in June. Erik also completed a week of TModel training and will be joining the staff full time in December 2001

        Joe Bovenzi has been assisting the Western Erie Canal Heritage Corridor Commission with data collection efforts along the canal in Monroe, Wayne, and Orleans Counties

        Kristin Bennett is assisting NYSDOT with the 2001-2002 Transportation Enhancements Program (TEP). TEP applications are due on November 1; project selections are expected by June 2002

        The GTC office will be moving to CityPlace on August 1st

        Jim Stack is the new Finance Program Manager. A mid-level planner position is currently open

        GTCs Certification Review has been scheduled for the first week in October

b.      Participating Agency Reports


Federal Highway Administration

Alicia Nolan reported:

        The MPO Certification review is scheduled for early October. The FHWA and FTA Certification review team is open to meet with GTC members. A public meeting will be scheduled as well



Chip Walker reported:

        Intermodal Freight Terminal Study Draft Final Report is under review

        Rochester Central Station project has been awarded to Wallace Floyd Engineers. The FTA is in Rochester to meet with staff and consultant

        A draft report for the Genesee County Public Transportation Study will be completed shortly

        An RFP for the Gates/Chili Transit Study was recently issued. Proposals are due August 21


Monroe County Planning

Paul Johnson reported:

        The data collection for the Monroe County Land Use Monitoring project is being set up in a database

        The County is looking into hiring an intern to work on the GIS database integration project



Rob Slaver reported NYSDOT staff is working on the TIP update

Monroe County (DOT)

Terry Rice reported:

        The Woolston Road Bridge contract has been awarded

        The Lyndon Road Bridge replacement project is progressing. The County is working with SHPO, NYSTA, and NYSDOT on the pedestrian bridge component

        The design of Erie Station Road reconstruction project is on schedule

        The ORorke Bridge is approximately 15% complete

        Staff will begin moving into the Airport/Transportation Operations Center in November/December

        The ATMS final agreement is expected to be signed by the end of the month


Livingston County

David Woods reported:

        Don Riley attended the Board of Supervisors meeting to present the Livingston County Transportation Strategic Plan. RGRTA will be organizing a LATS Advisory Committee to guide implementation

        The county-wide radio system project is done

        The Triphammer Road Bridge project is underway


Wayne County

James Brady reported:

        A meeting with NYSDOT was held regarding the Maple Street Bridge project in Palmyra

        A public meeting will be held next month regarding the Bear Creek and Lake Road projects in Ontario


City of Rochester

John Thomas reported:

        The Street Condition Rating Update Study will start in the third quarter

        The Center City Way-Finding Sign Update Study has been awarded to Corbin Associates

        The Inner loop project final report is expected from the consultant shortly


NYS Thruway Authority

Dave Thielman reported:

        A contract award is pending for resurfacing I-90 between LeRoy and Batavia

        A consultant was selected to design the bridge replacement near the Genesee River

        New exit / entry lanes are being added at Pembroke

        EZ Pass usage is at 50% system wide

Ontario County

Steven Finn reported:

        A library of Pictometry images has been received by Ontario County. Some technical issues need to be resolved

        Progress is being made on the Route 332 study being conducted as part of the Quality Communities Initiative

        The Route 5&20 Access Management Plan has had several public and committee meetings


Paul Howard reported:

        GLRPC has hired staff to complete the Satellite Imagery Project. They expect to deliver products to the Counties by late fall

c.       Ontario CATS Bus System Plan Update (Ontario County)

Angela Ellis, Ontario County staff member, reported on the progress of the Ontario CATS Bus System Plan to improve the transit system access to jobs in Ontario County.

Janet Starr from the Ontario County Transportation office reported on the specifics of the TANF grants.

Informational sheets were distributed.

d.      Selection Process for New TIP Regional Corridors Set-Aside (GTC & NYSDOT Staff)

Steve Gleason gave a brief overview of the Regional Corridors Initiative. Funds have been set aside in the TIP for this initiative ($100,000 per year for five years). The intent is to study one regionally significant corridor per year (i.e., mini Major Investment Studies). GTC will develop a laundry list of potential corridors to be studied for Planning Committee review and prioritization.

David Woods asked about corridor eligibility. Steve replied that the focus will be on transportation corridors in the TMA.

Congestion Management System Update

A draft scope of work was distributed. GTC is responsible (per federal mandate) for the CMS in the Rochester TMA. The CMS Working Group (same membership as UPWP Development Committee) will meet on August 16 at 9:00 a.m. at GTCs new offices.

e.      Other Announcements


Rich Perrin, Kristin Bennett, and Paul Howard passed the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) exam.

5. Planning Committee Action Items

a.       Proposed Resolution 01-4: (Amending the FY 2001-2002 UPWP Budget to Reflect Contribution of Audited FY 2000-2001 Rollover Amounts).

Jim Stack gave a brief overview of the proposed changes to the UPWP budget to reflect actual project rollover amounts.

David Woods motioned to accept proposed Resolution 01-4. Steven Finn seconded. The motion passed unopposed.

b.      Proposed Resolution 01-5: (Amending the 2001-2006 TIP to reflect technical corrections needed to balance the use of federal funds across New York State and to correct data entry errors).

Jim Stack distributed information on the proposed technical corrections to the TIP. He then gave a brief overview of the changes. All projects with a financial impact were included in the meeting mailing.

Joan Dupont motioned to accept proposed Resolution 01-5. Terrence Rice seconded. The motion passed unopposed.

c.       Proposed Resolution 01-13: (Amending the 1999-2004 TIP by adding two new Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) projects and amending the 2001-2006 TIP by adding one new ITS project.


Jim Stack distributed a revised resolution. He then gave a brief overview of the proposed TIP amendment.

This TIP Amendment requires Board action via Mail Ballot in order for the projects to be obligated prior to the close of FFY 2000-2001. By acting now to obligate initial project costs, these discretionary funds will be available for additional project phases in future fiscal years.

Terrence Rice motioned to accept proposed Resolution 01-13. Joan Dupont seconded. The motion passed unopposed.

6. New Business

There was no new business

7.                 Next Meeting

The next Planning Committee meeting will be held on August 23 at 10:00 a.m. at the Wayne County Court House.

8.                 Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.