GTC Planning Committee - Minutes

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GTC Staff Office Conference Room

February 22, 2001

(as adopted March 15, 2001)


Terrence J. Rice, Monroe County DOT

Stephen Hendershott, Monroe County Town Supervisors Association

Thomas Skoglund, Wyoming County

The Honorable William Smith, Monroe County Legislature

William Sullivan, Chief Legislative Assistant


David Cook for Don Riley, R-GRTA

Rob Slaver for Joan Dupont, NYSDOT

David Thielman for William Leslie, NYS Thruway Authority

John Thomas for George Stam, City of Rochester


Kristin Bennett, GTC Staff

Chris Downing, GTC Staff

Deborah Elliott, GTC Staff

Steve Gleason, GTC Staff

Brian Lakeman, GTC Staff

Scott Leathersich, Monroe County DOT

Jane Naylon, GTC Staff

James Stack, GTC Staff


John Accorso, City of Rochester

S. William Baker, US EPA

Philip Birto, FAA

James Brady, Wayne County

Glenn Cooke, Seneca County

Donald Cooley, Orleans County

Michael Cronin, DEC

Rocco DiGiovanni, Monroe County Planning

Stephen Ferranti, Member-At-large, Monroe County

Steven Finn, Ontario County

Glenn Guarino, Member-At-Large, Monroe County

David Hartman, Yates County

Timothy Hens, Genesee County

Paul Howard (Chair), GFLRPC

Jonathan McDade, FHWA

Mark Scheuerman, Empire State Development

Clara Wallace-Douglas, FTA

David Woods, Livingston County

(Vacant), Member-At-Large, City of Rochester

1. Call to Order

Vice-Chairman Terrence Rice called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. in the GTC Office Conference Room.

2.                 Public Forum

No public comment offered.

3.                 Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the January 18, 2001 Planning Committee meeting were approved as submitted.

4.                 Information Items

GTC Staff and Committee Reports

Steve Gleason reported on GTC Staff and Committee activities:

        GTC staff is working primarily on the UPWP and TIP development.

        Chris Downing was invited to participate as an observer on the NYS Passenger Rail Advisory Committee. He will also be attending the Statewide Rail/Economic Development Conference on March 7, 2001. Steve noted that both CSX and Amtrak officials assured their support for a new train station in the Village of Lyons.

        During the first week in February the Rideshare Program was transferred to RGRTA

        A Gateway Park Road Plan kickoff meeting was held on February 1, 2001. A public meeting has been scheduled for February 28, 2001.

        The Access Management Case Studies, which include the Route 31/Hamlet of Egypt Land Use/Transportation Study in Perinton, and three small-scale corridor studies in Avon (Routes 5 & 20), Geneseo (Route 20A), and Mt. Morris (Route 408), are progressing. The study in Perinton will be completed in April 2001; the Livingston County studies will be completed in June 2001.

        GTC staff provided comments to the NYSDOT for its State of the Practice Modeling Review.

        GTC has volunteered to manage a $200,000 study on statewide long-range transportation financing needs for the NYSMPOs.

        GTC will be awarding contracts for the On-Call Air Quality Consultant and the acquisition of new project management software shortly.

        The GTC Executive Committee will meet on Tuesday, February 27, 2001. The agenda includes the TIP, UPWP, office space and personnel matters.

        The GTC Board will meet on March 8, 2001 at 8:30 a.m. at the Radisson Inn (Salon D) with the G/FLRPC Board meeting to follow.

Participating Agency Reports

Monroe County Supervisors Association
Steve Hendershott did not offer a report.


David Cook reported:

        The consultant for the Livingston County Public Transportation Study is completing the draft Final Report at this time.

        The consultant for the Genesee County Public Transportation Studies is gathering data for the draft Final Report. A steering committee meeting has been scheduled for February 23, 2001.

        A consultant was recently selected to conduct the Fare Structure Study. The consultant recently surveyed RTS passengers about fares. The study should be completed within six months.

        RGRTA expects to distribute the draft Final Report for the Intermodal Freight Study to the Project Steering Committee shortly.

NYS Thruway Authority


Dave Thielman reported:

        Repaving of the Thruway between LeRoy and Batavia will be done in the second quarter of the year.

        Additional lanes will be constructed at the Darien Lake exit. They are looking into adding lanes to the Batavia exit as well as others.

        The Route 63 bridge in Batavia will be replaced.

        Improvements have been scheduled for the Thruway/I-490 Interchange at Victor.



Rob Slaver reported:

        NYSDOT has been working on the TIP update and the five year program update.

        Steve Gleason noted that NYSDOT received an award from the American Public Works Association for the design and construction of the new Clinton Avenue pedestrian bridge.


City of Rochester

John Thomas reported:

        The City will present the findings and recommendation of the Inner Loop study at the next Planning Committee Meeting.

        The City is also gearing up to start the new CBD Way-finding Signage Study.

Monroe County Legislature

Legislator Bill Smith did not offer a report

Wyoming County

Tom Skoglund did not offer a report.

Monroe County

Terry Rice reported:

        The ORorke Bridge is nearing 8% completion. Terry noted that there is a web site for the ORorke Bridge project. The related Latta Road improvements are also underway.

        The Lyndon Road Bridge project is 20% complete.

        The Erie Station Road and the Woolston Road Bridge projects will be out to bid in 2001.

        The Penfield Road and Plains Road Bridges are currently in design.

        Monroe County will be holding public meetings for its 2001Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in Perinton, Rochester and Chili next week.

Other Announcements

There were no other announcements.

5. Planning Committee Action Items

Resolution 01-2: Adoption of FY 2001-2001 UPWP

Steve Gleason reviewed the budget for the FY 2001-2002 draft UPWP: $1.5 million is available ($1.2 million of new funding and $300,000 of rollover funding from the FY 2000-2001 UPWP). Approximately $850,000 is required to maintain the GTC staff with the balance available for studies by participating agencies and special studies conducted by GTC.

Steve Gleason recommended amending the language in the first paragraph of Resolution 01-2 to say all federally funded transportation and transportation-related palnning activities. The Committee concurred.

Tom Sklogund asked when approved planning projects could begin. Steve Gleason stated that projects could begin April 1. He noted that technical amplifications for new and on-going projects would likely be reviewed at the April and May Planning Committee meetings. Tom added that he was pleased to see the Wyoming Public Transit Study included in the draft UPWP. David Cook added that RGRTA would work closely with Wyoming County on the project.

Terry Rice requested a motion be made to accept Resolution 01-2 with the amended wording. David Thielman motioned to accept the Resolution with the amended wording; David Cook seconded. The motion passed unopposed.

Resolution 01-3: Adopting the Host Agency Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Policy

Steve Gleason informed the Committee that RGRTA, GTC Staffs host agency, has updated its DBE policy. As a legal subsidiary of RGRTA, GTC should accept this new policy as its DBE policy.

Legislator Smith motioned to accept Resolution 01-3; William Sullivan seconded. The motion passed unopposed.

2001-2006 Transportation Improvement Program Update

Steve Gleason informed the Committee that concurrence with the draft 2001-2006 Transportation Improvement Program Update developed by the TIP Development Committee (TDC) is needed prior to release of the document for public review.

Jane Naylon reviewed the lists of fundable projects (by mode) and non-fundable projects that have been recommended by the TDC. She noted a few minor editorial changes.

Rob Slaver informed the Committee that $3 million for local and state bridge inspections (on-going effort) needs to be added to the Fundable Bridge Projects list. He noted that NYSDOT would remove the needed federal funding from one of its projects to cover the needed funding. These inspections have been on-going projects included in past TIPs.

Jane Naylon reviewed the TIP development schedule.

Steve Gleason suggested that the Planning Committee defer to the TDC in reviewing the public comments received during the 30-day public review period. If needed, the Planning Committee could meet on April 4, 2001 to discuss the public comments.

Tom Skoglund suggested Planning Committee members could phone in their comments rather than meeting in April. Steve Gleason stated that GTC staff will issue a revised draft TIP (if changed by the TDC) to Planning Committee members before April 11, 2001.

Rob Slaver inquired about the funding of the Downtown Transit Center project. David Cook noted that RGRTA is somewhat under programmed in FTA 5307 funds at this time. $1 million will be earmarked from its available FTA 5307 funding for the Downtown Transit Center project.

William Sullivan motioned to concur with the Tics recommended draft 2001-2006 TIP with the two editorial changes and the changes to the transit projects and the addition of the local and state bridge inspections; Thielman seconded. The motion passed unopposed.

6.     New Business

David Cook offered a resolution to amend the current TIP to add a new project (4 Liftline vans) and modify an existing project.

The first amendment was to add $160,000 in total funding for the Liftline vans ($128,000 in federal; $16,000 in state; $16,000 in RGRTA). They will be using their FTA Section 5307 funds. There will be no impact on the program.

The second amendment was to modify the existing RTS site improvement program. They are increasing the program from $500,000 to $1.1 million. This also will be coming out of their FTA Section 5307 funds. This has no impact on the program.

Rob Slaver motioned to accept the Resolution; Steve Hendershott seconded; Tom Skoglund abstained. The motion passed.

7.                 Next Meeting

The next Planning Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 10:00 a.m. at the Ontario County Municipal Building Planning Department.

8.                 Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.