GTC Planning Committee - Minutes

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Rochester City Council Chambers

Rochester, New York

May 17, 2007




James Brady, Wayne County

James Fletcher, Monroe County At Large

Daniel Hallowell, NYSDOT Region 4

Paul Holahan, City of Rochester

Kristen Mark Hughes, Ontario County

Scott Leathersich, Monroe County At Large

Terrence J. Rice, Monroe County

William Sullivan, Rochester City Council

David Woods, Livingston County

David Zorn, Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council



David Cook, RGRTA, representing Mark Aesch

Thomas Goodwin, Monroe County Planning Board, representing Paul Johnson

Matthew Latko, Jr., NYSTA, representing William Leslie


Jeffrey Adair, Monroe County

Philip Brito, FAA

William Eick, Orleans County

Robert Griffith, FHWA

Timothy Hens, Genesee County

Fred Humphrey, Wyoming County

Tracy Logel, Monroe County Supervisors Association

Edward Muszynski, Empire State Development Corporation

Charles Thomas, Rochester City Planning Commission

Chris Wilson, Yates County

(Vacant), City of Rochester At Large

(Vacant), FTA

(Vacant), NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

(Vacant), Seneca County


Kevin Beers, GTC Staff

Deborah Elliott, GTC Staff

Erik Frisch, GTC Staff

Ronald Hayes, NYSDOT

Richard Perrin, GTC Staff

Robert Scholl, NYSDOT Region 4

Rob Slaver, NYSDOT Region 4

Petra Staats, GTC Staff

James Stack, GTC Staff

John Thomas, City of Rochester

Paul Zakrezewski, NYSTA


1. Call to Order & Introductions

David Woods, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m. Members, Alternates, and others present introduced themselves.

William Sullivan welcomed everyone to the Rochester City Council Chambers and offered a tour of City Hall after the meeting to anyone interested.

2. Public Forum

No one from the public spoke during the Public Forum.

3. Approval of Minutes

Dan Hallowell requested a change be made to the minutes on page 10 to read Dan Hallowell stated New York States preference for using the build versus no-build test as being more representative of the true program impacts and that he would abstain from the vote. He requested another change be made on page 12 under New Business substituting has adopted for is developing.

William Sullivan moved for approval of the minutes from the April 19, 2007 Planning Committee meeting; Paul Holahan seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as amended.

4. Reports and Action on Old Business

a. Reports on UPWP Projects and Other Activities


Richard Perrin reported:

         A scope of work for the Supplemental Professional Services Database Programming will be developed for Planning Committee review.

         GTC staff are working with staff of the Dallas MPO to develop a survey that can be used by all MPOs (nearly 400) to determine the cost of needs in metropolitan areas for use by AMPO as they formulate potential policies for SAFETEA-LU reauthorization on behalf of MPOs.

         No progress to report on the Rural County Resource Development Initiative.

         A draft of the LRTP: 2007-2027 Update will be discussed as part of agenda item 5.a.

         The draft conformity statement will be discussed as part of agenda item 5.d. along with other Air Quality Planning and Outreach activities. GTC staff met with FHWA as a selected interviewee for a review of the Interagency Consultation Group (ICG) process and possible improvements. Richard stated that a summary of the April 5 State Implementation Plan local task force meeting would be e-mailed to affected member agency staff on May 17. GTC staff is working with NYSDOT-EAB on a completeness determination for the Green Stations CMAQ project.

         The final site visit for Transportation and Industrial Access was conducted for Monroe County on April 30. Draft reports were developed and reviewed by GTC staff for Genesee and Wayne counties. The reports for the City of Rochester and Ontario, Seneca, and Monroe counties are being developed.

         The GTC Travel Demand Model Enhancement project is progressing. The transit network is being developed for transmittal to the consultant. Minor revisions to the highway network and selected links were made and transmitted to the consultant.

         GTC expects to provide planning directors of the nine counties with drafts of the technical memorandum, including representative code language, for the Bicycle & Pedestrian Supportive Code Language project within the next month.

         GTC staff have begun developing both a scope of work and expanded program proposal for the Safe Routes To School Program and Site Assessments for UPWP Development Committee review prior to submission to the Planning Committee for consideration. The expanded program proposal will include an outline of the guidebook plus the criteria and selection process for the school site assessments.

         A scope of work for the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Strategic Plan Update was drafted and revised based on Transportation Management Committee (TMC) comments. The TMC met on May 15 to review the revised scope. GTC staff have been in contact with NYSDOT Main Office regarding potential additional funds to update the Regional ITS Architecture through the Statewide ITS consultant contract, because Statewide Planning and Research Funds are not likely to be approved.

         No progress to report on the Diversion Route Planning Initiative.

         All four Priority Trails Advancement projects are progressing. The consultant for the Lehigh Valley Rail-to-Trail project is working on more actively including landowners along the proposed alignment and assessing information on easements from National Grid. The consultant is preparing materials for the first public meeting for the New York Central Westshore Rail-to-Trail project. The Rochester Erie-Attica Railroad Bridge Steering Committee is being formed. The inventory for the Irondequoit Creek Stream Corridor project is beginning.

         No progress to report on the On-Street Bicycle Facility Opportunities Review project.

         The Pedestrian Facilities Inventory project will resume this summer. Research assistant candidates are being interviewed the week of May 21.

         A contract for the Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking Program study in Perry has been executed and a kickoff meeting was held May 10 with the Steering Committee and the selected consultant team of SRF & Associates, Steinmetz Planning Group, and Ingalls Planning and Design. The consultant team also attended a combined meeting of Perrys Main Street Association and the Silver Lake Trail Committee on May 16. The SRF, Steinmetz, and Ingalls team was also selected for the Village of Hilton CAP project. Fifteen proposals were received for the Village of Macedon CAP project. GTC staff met with the Macedon consultant selection committee regarding the evaluation and ranking process. No progress to report on the Browns Square Neighborhood project.

         The Congestion Management Process (CMP) has been incorporated into the LRTP: 2007-2027 Draft and will be discussed as part of agenda item 5.a.

         The Travel Time Data Collection Assessment scope of work will be discussed as part of agenda item 5.h.1.

         A draft report for the Strategic Plan for Public Transportation in Yates County was reviewed by Yates County staff and GTC staff. The consultant is conducting follow-up work based on comments. Chris Wilson is leaving the Yates County Planning Department and wanted to express his gratitude to the Planning Committee and convey his pleasure working with everyone. He has accepted a position as a Historic Preservation Program Director in Maryland.

         No progress to report for the Regional Goods Movement Strategy.


David Zorn reported:

        G/FLRPC staff are continuing to collect databases for the Local Update of Census Addresses - Phase 1 project. Staff are meeting with county legislatures and boards of supervisors.

         Data collected is complete for the 2006 Regional Land Use Monitoring project and the report is under development.

         The LRTP Non-Air Environmental Scan project is ready for close out.

         Final public meetings for the Preparing Village Main Streets for Planning project were held in the Villages of Scottsville and Newark on May 9 and May 16, respectively. Final reports and a draft guide book are being developed.

         G/FLRPC staff is continuing to meet with municipal officials for the Optimizing Transportation Infrastructure through Effective Land Use project.

Monroe County

Tom Goodwin reported:

         The 2006 Monroe County Land Use Monitoring report is complete and will be printed May 18. The Executive Summary will be discussed as part of agenda item 5.g.1.

         The Monroe County Parking Study is near completion and the report is expected to be finalized in June.

Terrence Rice reported:

         Progress is being made on the Accident Rate Database project. The consultant has completed categorizing all roads and is conducting spot counts of roads with various classifications. Database work is progressing for road volumes by category.

         The Monroe County Overhead Traffic Sign Visibility Upgrade study is progressing and is approximately 43 percent complete.

         No progress to report on the Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Study. The project is on hold pending new guidelines from FHWA. Testing is being done in selected locations.

         The Safe Passing Zone Survey will be discussed as part of agenda item 5.g.2.

         Two more locations have been analyzed as part of the Monroe County High Accident Location Program, and fifteen locations are on the active list for evaluation. Four new candidate locations are being considered.

Ontario County

Kristen Mark Hughes reported:

         A contractor is being selected for the State Route 96 / State Route 318 Rural Corridor Study. The final interviews are being conducted May 17.

City of Rochester

John Thomas reported:

       The draft final report for the Port of Rochester Transportation Evaluation and Support Study is being reviewed internally.

        The draft final report for the City of Rochester Vehicle Fleet Alternative Fuels Systems Study is being developed.

        The Neighborhood Traffic Calming Concept Design and Implementation project is on hold pending additional staff resources.

       Focus group meetings are being held for the Center City Parking Development & Management project.

       A scope of work is being developed for the Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood Parking and Circulation Study.


David Cook reported:

         The Market Research for Regional Transit Service project has recently been completed. Closeout is expected at the July Planning Committee meeting.

        Two Steering Committee meetings have been held for the Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan. A series of focus groups are also being held and the consultant is developing a survey of employers. A public workshop will be held on May 31.

        A RFP has been released for the RGRTA Suburban Transportation Service Study. The deadline for proposals is May 23.

        The consultant for the RTS/Lift Line Operational Analysis & Facility Utilization Study is assessing potential locations.

        No progress to report on the Facility Asset Management Plan for RTS & Lift Line.

        Six proposals were received for the RTS Operational Process Study and are under review.

        RGRTA Route Analysis is an on-going project for the Scheduling Department.

Genesee County

Richard Perrin reported:

         GTC staff provided RFP and contract templates to the Genesee County Highway Department. It is expected that the RFP for the Genesee County Safe Passing Zone Survey will be advertised later this summer.

Wayne County

James Brady reported:

         The Cluster Development Enhancement Project Feasibility Study draft report is nearly complete.

         A public meeting for the Palmyra Route 21 Truck Traffic Study was held on April 28 and a draft report is being developed.

Richard Perrin noted, as follow-up to the April Planning Committee meeting, that GTC staff coordinated comments on the Palmyra Route 21 Truck Study in conjunction with NYSDOT Region 4 staff. He has contacted Sharon Lilla to request copies of the draft be sent to Monroe County, Ontario County, and Penfield.

Terry Rice asked what the recommendations are and Robert Scholl noted that the report is looking at the possibility of classifying other roads to allow for oversized vehicles. Robert Scholl noted the report acknowledges that trucks cannot be prohibited from Route 21. Jim Brady added that he has had to close Alderman Road to complete a construction project.

Wyoming County


Richard Perrin reported:

        No progress to report on the Transportation Elements of Scenic/Historic Resources in Wyoming County project.

Other Agencies

Richard Perrin reported:

         The RFQ for the Regional Traffic Count Collection project has been advertised in the NYS Contract Reporter and responses are due May 25.

         The draft final report for the New York Route 96 Traffic Signal Coordination Study is being revised.

         A public meeting for the Meridian Centre Boulevard Extension Study was held April 25.

         A public meeting for the Route 250 Corridor Study was held April 24.

         GTC staff provided RFP and contract templates to the Town of Macedon. It is expected that a scope of work for the Macedon NYS Route 31 Corridor Study will be provided to the Planning Committee for consideration in July. Richard Perrin reinforced the need to include NYSDOT in the RFP development.

         The inventory for the Williamson Route 104 & Route 21 Gateway Concepts study is advancing.

         No progress to report for the Town of Penfield Bicycle Facilities Plan.

Terry Rice reported:

         Monroe County continues to conduct supplemental counts under their portion of the Regional Traffic County Collection project.

b. Any Other Old Business or Announcements

Richard Perrin announced that the GTC Executive Committee met April 24 and selected Mary Pat Hancock, President of Genesee County Legislature, as GTC Vice Chairperson to serve out the remainder of the term ending March 2008. Ms. Hancock accepted the appointment.

Richard explained that GTC and NYSDOT Region 4 staffs have been meeting with the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) regarding their 2010 Campaign for Active Transportation, a proposal to provide up to 40 communities with $50 million each through the next federal transportation reauthorization to improve bicycle, pedestrian, and trail facilities. Robert Torzynski, GTC staff, and Steven Beauvais, NYSDOT Region 4 staff, attended the Northeast Regional Active Transportation Forum on May 10 and 11 in New Paltz. RTC is looking for communities to build local and regional coalitions and develop a strategy for what could be accomplished with funds. RTC was informed that GTC and NYSDOT could assist in developing a coalition but would not be the lead as the initiative would be one of possibly several funding priorities in the next federal reauthorization. GTC staff will reach out to the Genesee Region Trails Coalition, the Rochester Bicycling Club, and others to determine their interest in taking the lead.

Petra Staats informed the Planning Committee that she would be leaving GTC in June. Petra and her husband will be moving to Scotland. Richard Perrin complemented Petra on the excellent job she has done developing the CAP program and working on other community-based transportation planning initiatives.

5. Action Items

a. Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning adopting the Long Range Transportation Plan for the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region: 2007-2027 Update / Proposed Council Resolution 07-7

Richard Perrin provided background on the participation of the LRTP Development Committee (LDC) in developing the LRTP Update. He noted that the LDC was provided the draft document for review and comment which represents the complete document.

Richard noted that public meetings were held on May 1, 7, and 8 in Perinton, Rochester, and Ogden, respectively. He distributed public comments received since the meeting package was mailed. He noted that the public comment period ends Saturday, May 19 but comments will be accepted through Monday, May 21.

Richard noted that the document meets SAFETEA-LU Metropolitan Planning requirements to include a Congestion Management Process (CMP), non-air environmental considerations, expanded consultation, and a constrained financial plan in year of expenditure dollars that address system level needs and revenues. He also noted that there was an effort to go beyond compliance and add value by improving the CMP and financial analysis portions.

Richard noted that the CMP is discussed on pages 31 and 32, is visually depicted on pages 35 and 36, and the toolbox of mitigation strategies is provided in its entirety in Appendix C. The CMP incorporates non-recurring congestion for the first time.

UPWP Task 5291 LRTP Non-Air Environmental Scan was developed specifically to address SAFETEA-LU requirements. Therefore, GTC staff are proposing that the project be closed out as part of the LRTP Update. David Zorn spoke briefly about the LRTP Non-Air Environmental Scan, which is included as Appendix B. As part of this project, non-traditional partners were identified and consulted via a direct distribution of the public review document. The list of non-traditional partners was shared with other MPOs in New York.

Richard noted that a constrained financial plan in year of expenditure dollars was developed that conservatively projects federal-aid needs at $4.82 billion and available revenues at $3.7 billion, resulting in a 23.4 percent shortfall of $1.13 billion. Systemwide funding allocations include $3.16 billion or 85 percent for preventive maintenance, $359 million for operations and management, and $178 million for expansion. This represents a 300 percent increase in funding for operations based on current and increased emphasis by member agencies on ITS and intersection improvements.

Richard noted that a State Energy Plan analysis was conducted, two principal themes were added to incorporate a broader view of travel and managing unprecedented increases in materials costs, and the Goals and Objectives were modified to distinguish transportation safety from transportation security, consistent with SAFETEA-LU requirements. Richard also noted that GTC will hire a graphic designer to provide layout services for the final document, as was done for the LRTP: 2005-2025.

Richard Beers, FHWA-NY Division, emailed GTC regarding concerns that the LRTP Update does not include specific projects and costs and how this affects the financial plan and conformity analysis. Richard Perrin contacted Richard Beers and discussed his concerns, noting that at least one other MPO in New York has a LRTP with similar emphasis on preservation, operations, and management. He stressed that, due to this regions emphasis on maintenance and operations, no major projects have been identified at this time.

The draft LRTP Update, like the LRTP: 2005-2025, is a strategic plan that provides a framework for further planning through the UPWP and investment decision making through the TIP. Richard Beers wanted to make sure that conformity could be determined. GTC staff re-sent the draft conformity statement that was provided to and approved by the Planning Committee in April. Richard Beers will confer with Joe Rich, the FHWA-NY Division ICG representative, but Richard Perrin noted that this should not be a problem since the LRTP: 2005-2025 was similar in nature and received a positive conformity determination from FHWA and FTA in June 2005.

Richard Perrin recognized Erik Frisch for his hard work and management of the LRTP Update that included contributions from every staff member and the LRTP Development Committee.

Kris Hughes asked if it was possible to attach the TIP project list to meet the requirement for specific projects even though it would limit our flexibility. Richard Perrin raised this possibility with Richard Beers but noted that the projects in the TIP are included in the same draft conformity statement and this would not be necessary.

Terrence Rice moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolution 07-7; Kristen Mark Hughes seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

b.      Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning certifying that all Federal planning requirements are met / Proposed Council Resolution 07-8

Richard Perrin explained that every four years FHWA and FTA conduct a comprehensive review of GTC Planning activities that includes a desk review of prepared materials and a site visit. The next review will be in late-2008 or early-2009. In interim years, GTC is required to self-certify that all planning and associated administrative processes as required by Title 23, Section 450.334 of the Code of Federal Regulations are being met. The format and content of the document that accomplishes this is specified by NYSDOT. NYSDOT revised the document to include provisions new to SAFETEA-LU per the February 14, 2007 final planning rule, including sharing of financial information from NYSDOT and RGRTA, additional consultation, a new planning factor for security, use of a website and visualization, and a coordinated public transit / human services plan.

Scott Leathersich moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolution 07-8; Dan Hallowell seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

c.      Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning amending the FY 2007-2008 UPWP Budget to reflect the contribution of audited FY 2006-2007 rollover amounts / Proposed Council Resolution 07-9

Richard Perrin noted the need to add an item to the budget discussion.

Richard explained that the FY 2007-2008 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) was adopted with estimated rollover amounts. The actual rollover amounts as of March 31, 2007 are provided to GTC in mid- to late-April via fourth quarter reports from agencies using FHWA PL and FTA MPP funds. The adjustment amounts to $254,421 or seven percent of the total federal program. This year the adjustment represents a decrease in federal funds rolling over indicating that projects progressed further than anticipated when the FY 2007-2008 UPWP was developed.

Richard Perrin distributed copies of Proposed Council Resolution 07-22. He noted that related to the budget amendment to incorporate audited rollovers is the incorporation of unspent FTA MPP funds. It was an oversight on the part of GTC staff not to include this proposed resolution in the meeting package. GTC staff is proposing to reprogram $31,130 of FTA funds to Task 1600 Program Reserve and program an equal amount from older grant balances into GTC staff activities so they may be spent at the earliest date. $3,562 of this $31,130 is the result of an increased allocation that GTC staff was informed of on March 28, 2007. The remaining $27,568 is unexpended funds from the GTC staff budget from last year. Richard apologized for the oversight and noted that it is understandable if the committee would prefer to wait and consider this in July for Board action in September.

David Woods asked if anyone objected to considering Proposed Council Resolution 07-22. No member objected.

Kris Hughes asked for an explanation of the exhibit that was attached to the Resolution. Richard Perrin explained various figures.

Terry Rice asked about the rollover projects. Richard Perrin noted that only the projects that required changes were included in the rollover amendment. Terry asked that sponsors reconsider the need for a project if it is not advancing because it ties up funding. Richard noted that this can be done as part of the UPWP update.

David Woods noted that project sponsors could make a case for keeping the funds. Kris Hughes expressed concerns about a use it or lose it provision.

Kristen Mark Hughes moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolutions 07-9 & 07-22; Dan Hallowell seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

d. Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning adopting the DRAFT Transportation Conformity Determination for the Long Range Transportation Plan for the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region: 2007-2027 Update and 2007-2012 Transportation Improvement Program / Proposed Council Resolution 07-10

Richard Perrin noted that at its April meeting, the Planning Committee approved the draft conformity statement for 30-day public review. The results of the draft conformity statement were included in the presentations, legal notice, and public review document for the draft LRTP Update. NYSDOT-EAB provided new emission factors on April 24. To avoid any issues with getting concurrence from the Interagency Consultation Group (ICG), namely EPA who required NYSDOT-EAB to develop the factors, GTC staff conducted the regional emissions analysis again using the new factors. The new results were presented at the LRTP public meetings on May 1, 7, and 8. A revised draft conformity statement was sent to NYSDOT-EAB for transmittal to the ICG on May 4.

On May 7, GTC staff informed NYSDOT-EAB that an additional 30-day public review period will be conducted from May 21 through June 19 and that a legal notice would be published in the Democrat and Chronicle on May 21. This will occur regardless of whether the ICG concurs with the draft or not and is necessary to ensure the draft statement is adopted by the GTC Board on June 21. Richard added that, to his knowledge, the ICG has not been provided the document at this time.

Dan Hallowell expressed his appreciation for GTC staff efforts.

David Cook asked if other MPOs were facing this issue. Richard Perrin noted that Syracuse is on a similar schedule. Matt Latko noted that Buffalo is also on a similar schedule.

David Cook moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolution 07-10; James Fletcher seconded the motion. The motion passed with one abstention.

Kris Hughes expressed appreciation for GTC staff efforts.

e. Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning endorsing previously developed public transportation plans as the basis for the competitive selection of projects to be awarded FTA human service transportation program funds in federal fiscal year 2007 / Proposed Council Resolution 07-11

Richard Perrin explained that SAFETEA-LU requires that a locally-developed coordinated public transit/human services plan be developed to qualify for JARC, New Freedom, and Elderly and Disabled Program FTA funds. Guidance on developing this plan did not become final until the issuance of circulars on March 29 that became effective May 1. Guidance states that FTA will consider plans previously developed as the basis for selection until the coordinated plan is developed. RGRTA is managing UPWP Task 8150 which provides funds for the development of this regions coordinated plan. Its completion is expected in time for competitive selection of projects in FFY 2008.

Given the number of public transit plans developed by GTC member agencies in recent years that address the needs of seniors, the physically disabled, and access to employment, GTC staff feels these plans meet the criteria for the current fiscal year. NYSDOTs Public Transportation Bureau has indicated that they concur and reviewed the proposed resolution prior to it being provided to the Planning Committee.

David Cook suggested minor changes to clauses 9, 10, and 11. He noted that the FTA Circulars indicate that designated recipients are responsible for plans in urban areas and states are responsible for plans in other areas. He suggested flipping the sequence of agencies to more closely align with the FTA Circulars.

David Cook provided the background on the new selection requirements and associated timelines.

David Woods noted that Livingston County has heard comments from FTA Section 5310 recipients who have concerns about eligibility without a plan.

David Cook moved to amend Proposed Council Resolution 07-11; William Sullivan seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

Dan Hallowell moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolution 07-11 as amended; James Fletcher seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

f. Planning Committee recommendation and action concerning amendments to the 2005-2010 TIP

Dan Hallowell discussed the need to shift funding on NYSDOT projects. He explained provisions that allow New York State to borrow from future federal allocations. He noted this entails a risk for the State. He added that NYSDOT Region 4 staff re-evaluated the proposed amendments based on TIP Development Committee (TDC) comments. Dan distributed a new request letter to replace the one included in the meeting package.

Dan noted that the projects being considered are on the current regional program and funded with State Dedicated Funds (SDF). This brings additional federal revenue to the region. If this does not happen, Region 4 will not be able to advance its full program.

Dan discussed each project and the proposed changes to the original request. Revisions would use approximately $1 million less federal funds.

Terry asked if the State Dedicated Funds portion of the asphalt overlay block is still intact. Dan responded that it is. Terry Rice acknowledged NYSDOT Region 4 for revisiting proposals to consider the TDCs request.

Noting that Dan said that the State is accepting the risk if future federal appropriations are less than expected, Terry inquired if that meant that the State would have to make up the difference if the actual funds are less. Dan stated that this was his understanding. He then explained changes to the State finance plan in accordance with federal regulations.

Dan noted that the TDC asked if this would affect current allocations and stated that it would not. He was asked if it would affect future allocations and he responded that it could.

Paul Holahan asked how National Highway System (NHS) funds used to offset SDF would affect other jurisdictions that use NHS. Dan noted that federal regulations allow States to take this risk but the State is unwilling to accept risk for local agencies.

James Fletcher asked if this was dealing with funds that are allocated to the region for programming through GTC. Dan Hallowell noted that the issue has been raised by GTC staff and CDTC staff (Albany) because MPOs with TMAs are responsible for programming specific allocations from FHWA. NYSDOT Main Office has looked at this issue and conducted a risk assessment. State roads account for 95 percent of NHS roads and feel the risk is acceptable.

Richard Perrin noted that NYSDOT Region 4 targeted Interstate Maintenance and NHS funds to minimize impact to non-state agencies.

Paul Holahan asked if we would be behind on project implementation if GTC does not accept the NYSDOT-proposed amendments at this time. Dan Hallowell responded that, if this amendment request is not approved, the regional program will be impacted and projects will need to be deferred. NYSDOT Region 4 would also need to seek more TIP funding.

Richard noted that the funds will be advanced at the State level but, if GTC does not program them, they will be allocated to projects elsewhere in the State.

Paul Holahan asked what happens if the region doesnt approve the advancement of these funds. Dan Hallowell noted that the State Legislature has decided to take this risk and that is not what GTC is being asked to approve.

William Sullivan wanted to be sure that the minutes reflect that the State is accepting the risk as this can be an issue in future TIP updates.

Richard Perrin noted that GTC staff will prepare substitute resolutions.

David Woods suggested the NYSDOT requests be grouped for consideration. No member objected.

1. Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2005-2010 TIP by adding the Rt. 31 Rehabilitation / Preventive Maintenance, Palmyra to Perinton project / Proposed Council Resolution 07-12

2.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2005-2010 TIP by adding the I-490 Preventive Maintenance, South Landing Rd. to Rt. 31F project / Proposed Council Resolution 07-13.

3.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2005-2010 TIP by adding the Rt. 14 Preventive Maintenance, Yates County Line to the City of Geneva project / Proposed Council Resolution 07-14

4. Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2005-2010 TIP by adding the Lake Ontario State Parkway Bridge over Dewey Ave. project / Proposed Council Resolution 07-15

5. Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2005-2010 TIP by adding the Rts. 5 & 20 Preventive Maintenance, Livingston County Line to Rt. 20A project / Proposed Council Resolution 07-16

6. Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2005-2010 TIP by adding the I-390 Ramps at Exits 12, 13, and 14 Preventive Maintenance project / Proposed Council Resolution 07-17

7.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2005-2010 TIP by adding the I-390 Bridge over Canaseraga Creek Preventive Maintenance project / Proposed Council Resolution 07-18

8.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2005-2010 TIP by adding the Rt. 20 Preventive Maintenance, Tonawanda Creek to Rt. 63 project / Proposed Council Resolution 07-23

Dan Hallowell moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolutions 07-12 through 07-18, and 07-23; Scott Leathersich seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

David Woods suggested the Monroe County requests be grouped for consideration. No one objected.

9. Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2005-2010 TIP by changing the scope of the Paul Road-Fisher Road Corridor Improvements project / Proposed Council Resolution 07-19

Scott Leathersich presented the proposed amendment. He explained the original project and the new concept that will provide benefits to the area.

William Sullivan asked what kind of development is there. Scott noted that it is primarily light industrial.

10. Action concerning amending the 2005-2010 TIP by modifying the costs of phases of the Mill Road project / Proposed Planning Committee Resolution 07-3

11. Action concerning amending the 2005-2010 TIP by modifying the costs of phases of the Garnsey Road project / Proposed Planning Committee Resolution 07-4

Terry Rice discussed Planning Committee Resolutions 07-3 and 07-4. He noted that they need to have funds programmed for right-of-way incidentals. No change in budget is being requested.

Richard Perrin noted that the TDC was polled on these changes. Dan Hallowell noted that the Paul Road-Fisher Road Corridor Improvements project is now non-exempt. Richard noted that a new project description and suggested classification has been submitted to NYSDOT-EAB for ICG review.

Dan Hallowell moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolutions 07-19 and to approve Planning Committee Resolutions 07-3 and 07-4; James Fletcher seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

g. Recommendations to the GTC Board concerning accepting Final Project Reports as evidence of completion of various UPWP Tasks

1. Accepting the report, 2006 Land Use Report for Monroe County, as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 4210 / Proposed Council Resolution 07-20

Tom Goodwin discussed the 2006 Land Use Report for Monroe County.

2. Accepting the report, Safe Passing Zone Survey Project Monroe County, as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 6220 / Proposed Council Resolution 07-21

Terry Rice discussed the Safe Passing Zone Survey.

Terrence Rice moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolutions 07-20 and 07-21; James Fletcher seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

h. Approval of UPWP Project Scopes of Work

1. Task 7121 Travel Time Data Collection Program

Richard Perrin discussed the proposed project scope of work

Scott Leathersich moved to recommend approval of UPWP Project Scope of Work for Task 7121; Terrence Rice seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

6. New Business

Richard Perrin noted that GTC staff will be updating the Public Participation Policy to more fully incorporate SAFETEA-LU requirements.

7. Public Forum

No one from the public spoke during the Public Forum.

8. Next Meeting

July 19, 2007 Monroe County Fleet Center

9. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.