GTC Planning Committee Minutes - February 14, 2008

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Livingston County Government Center

Geneseo, New York

February 14, 2008




James Brady, Wayne County

James Fletcher, Monroe County At Large

Todd Gadd, Wyoming County

Daniel Hallowell, NYSDOT Region 4

Kristen Mark Hughes, Ontario County

Paul Johnson, Monroe County Planning Board

Scott Leathersich, Monroe County At Large

Terrence J. Rice, Monroe County

William Sullivan, Rochester City Council

Douglas Tokarczyk, New York State Thruway Authority

David Woods, Livingston County (Chairman)

David Zorn, Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council



David Cook, RGRTA, representing Mark Aesch

John Thomas, City of Rochester, representing Paul Holahan


Jeffrey Adair, Monroe County

Philip Brito, FAA

William Eick, Orleans County

Robert Griffith, FHWA

Timothy Hens, Genesee County

Edward Muszynski, Empire State Development Corporation

Chuck Thomas, Rochester City Planning Commission

(Vacant), Monroe County Supervisors Association

(Vacant), City of Rochester At Large

(Vacant), FTA

(Vacant), NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

(Vacant), Seneca County

(Vacant), Yates County


Kevin Beers, GTC Staff

Rachel Chrostowski, Livingston County

Deborah Elliott, GTC Staff

Heather Ferrero, Livingston County

Julie Gotham, GTC Staff

Don Higgins, Livingston County

Marvin Kleinberg, NYSDOT Region 4

Richard Perrin, GTC Staff

James Pond, Monroe County DOT

Robert Slaver, Jr., NYSDOT Region 4

James Stack, GTC Staff

Edwin Welsh, NYSDOT Region 4


1. Call to Order & Introductions

David Woods, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. Members, Alternates, and others present introduced themselves.

2. Public Forum

No one from the public spoke during the Public Forum.

3. Approval of Minutes

Terrence Rice requested that a correction be made to the recorded attendance of the meeting.

Scott Leathersich moved for approval of the minutes from the January 10, 2008 Planning Committee meeting as amended; Kristen Mark Hughes seconded the motion. The minutes were approved as amended.

4. Reports and Action on Old Business

a. Reports on UPWP Projects and Other Activities


Richard Perrin reported:

         A draft RFQ for the Supplemental Professional Services Database Programming project is still under internal review with the availability of the RFQ expected to be advertised in the February 25 edition of the New York State Contract Reporter.

         A peer MPO review is progressing for the Strategic Planning task with completion expected in April.

         The Rural County Resource Development Initiative project is considered complete.

         The primary activity of the LRTP Update/Implementation task is conducting a review of 17 peer MPOs including evaluation of LRTPs and planning emphasis areas with completion expected in April.

         For the Air Quality Planning and Outreach project, the consultant has prepared a preliminary draft of a framework for developing an air quality (including greenhouse gases) component of the next LRTP that GTC staff will develop. NYS provided recommendations to EPA for areas to be designated under the new National Ambient Air Quality Standards for fine particulate matter on December 14, 2007. The Rochester MSA was recommended as an attainment area under the new standard based on 2004 through 2006 data. Planning Committee-recommended TIP amendments from this meeting will be discussed by the Interagency Consultation Group (ICG) prior to GTC Board action. A meeting is tentatively scheduled for February 20.

         The Transportation and Industrial Access Phase 1 & 2 project is complete.

         The GTC Travel Demand Model Enhancement will be considered for recommendation to the GTC Board as part of agenda item 5.b.2.

         The Bicycle & Pedestrian Supportive Code Language project is complete.

         The schedule and guidebook outline for the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program and SRTS Site Assessments was provided to the UDC on January 30. A draft presentation and invitation to the April 9 workshop was developed for distribution to schools on March 5.

         Five proposals for the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Strategic Plan Update RFP were received by the January 25 deadline. The proposals were distributed to the consultant selection committee consisting of NYSDOT, MCDOT, Rochester DES, RGRTA, NYSTA, and GTC staff with evaluations due February 29.

         A scope of work for the Diversion Route Planning Initiative was approved by the Planning Committee at the January 10 meeting. The scope was discussed by the Transportation Management Committee (TMC) at its January 22 meeting. A RFP with expanded scope will be provided to the TMC for discussion at their March 18 meeting.

         The 2006-07 Priority Trails Advancement Program consists of four projects. There is no progress to report on the Rochester Erie-Attica Railroad Bridge project. A draft feasibility study continues to be developed for the Penfield Irondequoit Creek Stream Corridor project. The final public meeting for the Caledonia Lehigh Valley Railroad project is being scheduled. GTC staff, the Mendon Foundation, and the consultant met January 25 to discuss this project. There is no feasible off-road alternative for this project at this time. The consultant met with NYSDOT February 5 regarding Route 33 and Route 19 crossings for the New York Central Westshore Branch project with development of alternatives continuing. Steering Committees are being formed for the three 2007-2008 Priority Trails Advancement studies.

         The On-Street Bicycle Facility Opportunities Review and the Pedestrian Facilities Inventory projects are complete.

         All four Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking (CAP) Program projects are progressing. The public comment period on the draft plan for the Perry project ended February 8 and a public meeting was held January 24 with approximately 50 attendees. A survey for the Hilton project was included in January utility bills with responses due February 8. A second steering committee meeting for the Macedon project was held January 23. GTC staff is working with the Village on scheduling the first public meeting which is complicated by the Village dissolution vote. The Macedon schedule has slipped and GTC staff is requesting that the meeting be held after the March 18 vote to ensure that public input received is on transportation-related issues and opportunities which are independent of whether or not the Village dissolves. Four proposals for the Browns Square Neighborhood project were received and distributed to the consultant selection committee. Evaluations of the proposals were received by February 11 and results have been tabulated by GTC staff.

         Further development of LRTP performance measures to advance the Congestion Management Process will resume upon completion of the peer MPO review.

         The preliminary report for the Travel Time Data Collection Assessment was received January 31 and sent to the Steering Committee February 4. A meeting is scheduled for February 26 to review the report and determine if additional runs are required.

         The Strategic Plan for Public Transportation in Yates County is complete. A committee to implement the plan (similar to committees in Livingston and Wayne counties) has been formed and the first meeting was held February 1.

         A scope of work for the Regional Goods Movement Strategy was approved at the January 10 Planning Committee meeting. Outreach was made to Rochester Business Alliance (RBA) and the approved scope will be provided to IDAs, Economic Development Departments, GRE, and RBA later this month.

Terry Rice asked how schools will be selected for the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) site assessments. Richard Perrin discussed the preliminary selection criteria, the role of the UPWP Development Committee as the program steering committee, and that letters of interest will be solicited from school districts for participation in the program.



David Zorn reported:

        The county master address files for the Local Update of Census Addresses Phase 1 project were delivered in December and January. Revisions to the files are on-going by G/FLRPC staff and are due April 30, 2008. Staff is working with the Congressional delegation and the Census Bureau to extend the April 30 deadline.

        The 2007 Regional Land Use Monitoring report surveys have been distributed and approximately 45 percent of the completed surveys have been received.

         Work on the guidebook for the Preparing Village Main Streets for Planning project is continuing. Drafts of the last two chapters are being finalized. All chapters will go to the Technical Committee for review.

         Work is continuing with municipalities for the Optimizing Transportation Infrastructure through Effective Land Use project.

Monroe County

Paul Johnson reported:

         Data collection for the 2007 Monroe County Land Use Monitoring report is between 75 and 80 percent complete.

         Reproduction of the Monroe County Parking Study is expected by the end of February.

Scott Leathersich reported:

         The Accident Rate Database project is complete and a presentation will be made later in the meeting.

         The Monroe County Overhead Traffic Sign Visibility Upgrade study is progressing and is approximately 59 percent complete.

         Monroe County DOT is reviewing new guidelines and developing a scope of work for the Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Study.

         Additional studies of Priority Incident Locations have been started and 31 studies have been completed as part of the Monroe County High Accident Location Program.

Ontario County

Kris Hughes reported:

         Technical work is progressing on the State Routes 96/318 Rural Corridor Study.

City of Rochester

John Thomas reported:

       A draft final report for the Port of Rochester Transportation Evaluation and Support Study is under review by MCDOT.

        A draft report for the Center City Parking Development and Management Project Advisory Committee is under further review as a result of the Midtown redevelopment project.

        The draft manual for the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Concept Design and Implementation Study is under review by MCDOT.

        The Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood Parking and Circulation Study has begun with City of Rochester staff conducting the work. Inventory and mapping is underway and an advisory committee is being formed.

        The Vehicle Fleet Alternative Fuels Systems Study is complete.

Scott Leathersich noted that the first chapter of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Concept Design and Implementation Study was missing. MCDOT has requested the omitted chapter in order to complete their review, but have not received it. John Thomas indicated he will follow up with City Planning staff.


David Cook reported:

        The Market Research for Regional Transit Service project is complete.

        The Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan is complete.

        The evaluation is progressing for the RGRTA Suburban Transportation Service Study. Nineteen potential locations for transfer centers have been identified. Four of the these locations appear to be very strong candidates including the former Iola Campus (future CityGate) and Strong Hospital, which are located in the City. A public input meeting will be scheduled in March.

        No progress reported for the RTS/Lift Line Operational Analysis & Facility Utilization Study.

        The Facility Asset Management Plan for RTS & Lift Line is complete and is expected to be presented to the Planning Committee in April.

        Work is continuing on the draft report from the consultant for the RTS Operational Process Study.

        Analysis for the RGRTA Route Analysis project is on-going.

David Cook discussed the recent court decision concerning RTS transporting Rochester City School District students and the recently developed service adjustments that satisfy FTA requests.

James Fletcher asked if that is the end of the court case. David Cook stated that FTA has 60 days to appeal but RGRTA feels confident in proceeding with the service adjustments.

Genesee County

Richard Perrin reported:

         No progress to report on the Genesee County Safe Passing Zone Survey.

Wayne County

James Brady reported:

        No progress to report for the Cluster Development Enhancement Project Feasibility Study.

         No progress to report for the Palmyra Route 21 Truck Traffic Study.

Wyoming County


Todd Gadd reported:

        The Transportation Elements of Scenic/Historic Resources in Wyoming County project will be completed by Wyoming County Planning and Development (WCPD) staff. Todd Gadd informed the Planning Committee that Drew Shapiro has been hired as the WCPD Director and will begin his duties later this month.

Other Agencies

Richard Perrin reported:

         The Regional Traffic Count Collection project will resume in the spring when counts can be collected.

         The New York Route 96 Traffic Signal Coordination Study was recommended for adoption at the January 10 Planning Committee meeting.

         The Meridian Centre Boulevard Extension Study is complete.

         Travel Demand modeling for the Route 250 Corridor Study per the consultants initial request has been completed by GTC staff. Additional modeling may be requested.

         No progress to report for the Town of Macedon NYS Route 31 Corridor Study.

         A draft plan is being developed for the Williamson Route 104 & Route 21 Gateway Concepts project.

         A preferred consultant was selected January 17 for the Town of Penfield Bicycle Facilities Plan. Available data and reports have been reviewed.

b. Any Other Old Business or Announcements

David Woods announced that James Brady was selected as the APWA New York State Chapter-Genesee/Monroe Branch Leader of the Year. The Committee congratulated Jim on this achievement.

Dan Hallowell announced that the NYSDOT Commissioners Public Forum will be held on February 19 at the Radisson Hotel on Jefferson Road in Henrietta. Astrid Glynn will be holding roundtables across the state to discuss near- and long-term transportation needs. Richard Perrin added that GTC worked with NYSDOT to identify officials and others to be invited. Dan noted that there will be a briefing for elected officials prior to the roundtable discussion.

Kris Hughes noted that the forum conflicts with the Association of Towns of the State New York conference in New York City.

Richard Perrin announced that Livingston County Board of Supervisors Chairman James Merrick has redesignated David Woods as the countys Planning Committee member and Donald Higgins and Heather Ferraro as his alternates.

Orleans County Board of Supervisors Chairman Henry Smith, Jr. has designated Legislator Gary Kent as the countys Planning Committee member and Wayne Hale as his alternate.

Richard Perrin noted that the joint GTC staff and NYSDOT solicitation letter for the Transportation Enhancements Program (TEP) was mailed. Applications are due June 27, 2008. Workshops are being held in Rochester, Batavia, and Canandaigua.

David Woods asked how much TEP funding the region would receive. Richard Perrin stated that approximately four million dollars was anticipated to be available to the region this round.

Don Higgins announced that James Brady was also elected President of the County Highway Superintendents Association.

5. Action Items

a.      Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning adopting the FY 2008-2009 Unified Planning Work Program / Proposed Council Resolution 08-2

Richard Perrin explained that the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) document presents new and continuing federally funded transportation planning activities to be undertaken between April 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009.

Per the City of Rochesters request at the January 10 meeting, GTC staff contacted the Town of Greece regarding expanding the limits of the Dewey Avenue Corridor Traffic Calming Study to Ridge Road in the City of Rochester. The Town of Greece agreed with the proposed change via a letter to GTC staff, provided an additional $16,000 of federal funds and the $1,000 of cash match offered by the City of Rochester were added to the study. The City provided written confirmation of the additional $1,000 cash match. The UDC concurred with the project expansion which is reflected in the recommended program.

Richard stated that for the first time in recent years, GTC received comments on the draft UPWP project list. Nine comments were received for one project the Coordinated Road Surface Management System project proposed by the Towns of Fayette, Lodi, Mendon, and Phelps. He added that the UDC does not recommend changing the program based on the comments.

Richard explained that federal planning funds may not be used for projects that assess the physical conditions of non-federal aid eligible roads (i.e., Rural Minor Collectors and Local roads). He also noted that numerous municipalities in the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region have utilized an intern from the Cornell Local Roads Program (CLRP) for the same type of work being proposed in the Coordinated Road Surface Management System project without applying for UPWP funds. The UDC considered the comments and the eligibility restrictions and does not recommend including the project.

Kris Hughes asked if a response can be provided with a constructive path for local communities to follow in accomplishing this task absent UPWP funds. Richard responded that GTC staff had discussed doing this and that a standard response would be sent to commenters.

James Brady mentioned that Wayne County had utilized an intern from CLRP to conduct this type of work on their roads.

James Fletcher asked about the roads included in the Pavement Condition Monitoring project. Richard Perrin responded that GTC staff reviews any federal aid road that is not rated by NYSDOT, Monroe County or the City of Rochester.

Dan Hallowell noted a correction to Exhibit 2. He asked if there is a table of project classifications for public participation purposes. Richard responded that these classifications are typically made at the April Planning Committee meetings after the Board has adopted the UPWP.

Dan also noted confusion on Task 4731 Market Research for RGRTA Regional Services Phase 1. There was discussion to change the name and/or objective of the task to reflect that the services would be provided for RGRTA operations in the rural counties.

Dan Hallowell moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolution 08-2; Terrence Rice seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

b.      Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning accepting a final report and updated model with associated documentation as evidence of completion of UPWP Tasks 4380 and 5410, respectively

1.      Accepting the report, Monroe County Intersection Accident Database Enhancement Project, as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 4380 / Proposed Council Resolution 08-3

James Pond gave a presentation on UPWP Task 4380.

Kris Hughes asked about statistical analysis to calibrate the data. Jim responded that the data were spot checked by category of road. Terry Rice noted that GIS allowed for greater analysis and better results than by using only a tabular format.

Kris Hughes asked if there was a qualitative analysis of the accidents. Terry noted that this level of analysis is the next step. This effort identifies locations that need additional analysis. Kris also asked about the availability of the data and concerns about liability. Jim Pond noted that this information has been available in a database but not on a map, and that having the GIS interface is extremely valuable and will facilitate future updates.

2.      Accepting the updated GTC Regional Travel Demand Model and associated documentation as evidence of completion of UPWP Task 5410 / Proposed Council Resolution 08-4

Kevin Beers discussed UPWP Task 5410.

Scott Leathersich asked how the trip end information is derived. Kevin noted that the household land use data utilized by the model is based on 2000 U.S. Census data factored up to represent a 2005 base year.

David Cook asked about the intensity of the transit component. Kevin responded that it has not been fully tested. However, the calibration is not to the stop-level but should be representative at the route-level.

David Cook asked if the model would be able to predict transit use where it does not currently exist. Kevin noted that it could estimate transit use if a new route is coded into the model but that the results, like any model output, would require review.

Richard Perrin stated that it is important to remember that outputs from the model should be applied to macro-level analysis (area and corridor studies) and not be used for micro-level (i.e., intersections) intersection.

Kris Hughes asked if there was a way to integrate regional and local models. Richard Perrin replied that the outputs from the regional Travel Demand Model are used as inputs into microsimulation analyses.

James Fletcher moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolutions 08-3 and 08-4; William Sullivan seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

c.      Planning Committee recommendation concerning amendments to the 2007-2012 TIP

David Woods suggested the first two amendments be considered under one motion. The Committee concurred.

1.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by decreasing the total cost and changing the name and scope of the Mount Hope Avenue & East Henrietta Road Reconstruction project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-5

John Thomas discussed the proposed TIP amendment. He noted that the project will not include reconstructing the Mt. Hope Avenue/Westfall Road intersection. Richard Perrin thanked John for clarifying the draft resolution and distributed a copy of Proposed Resolution 08-5 with the clarification noted.

2.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by increasing the total cost of and change the scope of the Broad Street Tunnel project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-6

John Thomas discussed the proposed TIP amendment.

Kris Hughes asked about the nature of the minor work on the pavement of the Broad Street Tunnel. John noted that the pavement work buys some time until a decision is made on the long-term plan for Broad Street.

Terry Rice noted that the amendments are reducing the scope of the projects but not reducing the budgets. He asked if the reason for doing so was solely because of increases in materials costs or if the City misestimated the scopes and costs of the projects. John Thomas responded that all three have contributed to the changes in the projects. Terry asked if the City of Rochester intends to request additional funds through the TIP for the remainder of the work which was included in the original scope. John Thomas responded in the affirmative.

John Thomas noted that the City of Rochester projects are being hit hard by inflation. He added that the budget for this project was impacted by shifting funds to another project.

William Sullivan noted that this project has been delayed due to many issues, including public sentiment on previously discussed alternatives.

James Fletcher asked if the supplemental phases will have to compete for future TIP funds. Richard Perrin responded that the phases will be new TIP project applications and will have to compete with other proposals.

William Sullivan moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolutions 08-5 and 08-6; Scott Leathersich seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.


3.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by changing the name and scope of the Wilder Road Bridge Rehabilitation project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-7

Terry Rice discussed the proposed TIP amendment. He noted that, based on a recent inspection, the Wilder Road Bridge no longer qualifies for rehabilitation so preventive maintenance is the appropriate action.

4.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by adding the Hylan Drive (Calkins Rd. to Rt. 252) Rehabilitation project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-8

Terry Rice discussed the proposed TIP amendment. He noted that Hylan Drive is an earmark in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008.

Kristen Mark Hughes moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolutions 08-7 and 08-8; James Fletcher seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

David Woods suggested the next nine amendments be considered under one motion. The Committee concurred.

5.     Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by modifying the costs of phases of the Route 252 (Jefferson Road) Stage 2 project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-9

6.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by adding the Seaway Trail: Innovations in Technology & Development project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-10

7.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by adding the Construct Wayne County, NY Rails to Trails Initiative project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-11

8.      Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by adding the Route 15A Access Right of Way Control (East Side) project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-12

9.       Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by decreasing the total cost of the I-390 Interchange Improvements @ Rt. 15 (Exit 16 Part 2) project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-13

10.  Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by decreasing the total cost of the I-390 Interchange Improvements @ Rt. 15A (Exit 16 Part 1) project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-14

11.  Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by decreasing the total cost and changing the scope of the Inner Loop Bridge over Browns Raceway project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-15

12.  Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by decreasing the total cost and changing the scope of the Rt. 390 Bridges Preventive Maintenance project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-16

13.  Recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by increasing the cost of FTA Section 5311 Blocked Program project / Proposed Council Resolution 08-17

Dan Hallowell discussed the proposed TIP amendments.

Dan Hallowell moved to recommend approval of Proposed Council Resolutions 08-9 through 08-17; James Brady seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

14.  Discussion of a recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by adding the NYS Thruway Dynamic Message Sign project

15.  Discussion of a recommendation to GTC Board concerning amending the 2007-2012 TIP by adding the RGRTA Diesel Retrofit project.

Richard Perrin provided background on the two requests for Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program (CMAQ) funds. He noted that at the January TDC meeting it was uncertain if CMAQ funds would be available.

Dan Hallowell discussed the status of available CMAQ funds. He noted that there was confusion on the CMAQ allocations when the TIP was developed. Because of this confusion, the region over programmed CMAQ funds by approximately two million dollars.

Dan Hallowell informed RGRTA and NYSTA of the unavailability of CMAQ funds and has appealed to NYSDOT-Main Office to secure additional CMAQ funds.

Dan noted that NYSDOT may be able to take the risk of securing additional CMAQ funds and defer the I-390 Trail project as an offset.

Doug Tokarczyk noted that the NYS Thruway Authority is evaluating their program and looking at alternative funding sources.

Terry Rice asked for clarification on the CMAQ allocations. Ed Welsh noted the region expected the federal fiscal year (FFY) 2007 allocation to be available for TIP programming at approximately six million dollars. However, NYSDOT-Main Office included those funds in FFY 2008 through FFY 2010 allocations.

Paul Johnson questioned adding these projects without having to consider them against other potential projects (i.e., consideration outside the TIP development process).

Richard Perrin responded that the current CMAQ projects are derived from the TIP development process. He noted that the RGRTA project responds to a new state law. Also, SAFETEA-LU established a priority for diesel retrofit projects. If this project had been proposed in the TIP process, it would have received priority and most likely would have been funded.

David Cook provided background on the Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) and how RGRTA plans to address DERA. He noted that RGRTA became aware of this law in December 2007.

Dan Hallowell asked if it made sense to fund the first year of the diesel retrofit project and identify additional funding for the remaining two years later.

Richard Perrin noted that the TDC was supportive of the project if funding was available.

James Fletcher noted that local municipalities may be subject to DERA if they contract to maintain state roads. Terry Rice noted that this could create significant demand for CMAQ funds.

Paul Johnson moved that considering these projects for CMAQ funds, if available, and the process for doing so be referred back to the TIP Development Committee. Kristen Mark Hughes seconded the motion. The motion passed unopposed.

William Sullivan asked how this impacts RGRTA. David Cook noted that it will create a time crunch to meet the December 31, 2008 deadline. Richard Perrin asked how the other transit properties are dealing with this. David Cook mentioned that Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority just opened bids and he is not aware of the results or how they are funding the project.

Kristen Mark Hughes commented that it may be necessary to call an additional TIP Development Committee meeting outside those already scheduled to facilitate discussion of this topic.

6. New Business

Richard Perrin noted that this is David Woods final meeting as Chairman. He recognized Davids efforts as Chairman since April 2002 and expressed the GTC staffs appreciation for all that he has done for GTC.

Rob Slaver discussed and distributed an amendment request for a rollover project. Richard Perrin noted the GTC Resolution 07-5 specifies that projects and their respective phases that were not obligated prior to September 30, 2007 will be incorporated into the 2007-2012 TIP without further action by GTC.

Richard added the GTC staff will update the table per Resolution 07-5 for transmittal to NYSDOT-Main Office.

7. Public Forum

No one from the public spoke during the Public Forum.

8. Next Meeting

April 10, 2008 at the Ontario County Municipal Building in Canandaigua.

9. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 12:23 p.m.